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6 Reasons Why People Sell Their Home Quickly…


There are multitude of reasons people choose to sell their homes quickly – but why do people choose to sell their home in this manner, to an all-cash buyer, instead of on the market with a real estate agent? Here are the six main reasons why people make the decision to close on their home quickly:

1 – They Inherited the Home

Often times people find themselves inheriting a property, either expected or sometimes not. When they inherit the home, they are faced with the decision of what to do with the house. A majority of these inheritors choose to sell the home, especially when there is more than one person involved in the inheritance. Selling on the market can take months, which is not a process people want to go through at such a difficult time. Therefore, selling to an all-cash buyer quickly can be a more reasonable decision.

2 – They Are Getting Divorced

Another common and tricky situation where a home needs to be sold in a short time is divorce. Though it is possible for couples to separate on good terms, the sad truth is that divorce can be messy. In order to split the value of a couple’s assets accurately and fairly, it is usually necessary to liquidate all of the splitting couples shared assets to come to terms with the final divorce proceedings. No one wants to linger in a situation with lawyers and bickering couples, so it’s best to just sell everything and go your separate ways.

3 – They Were Relocated for Work

A more positive, but no less stressful need to sell in a hurry is relocating for work. Many times, raises and promotions come with the contingency of relocating to areas of opportunity within a person’s organization. This can include many sectors, both private and military. When a person is working their way up to bigger and better positions, it is not uncommon for them to be asked to move to areas where their skills are needed. In some cases, people are asked to move relatively quickly, so selling on the market provides limited options for their situation.

4 – They Are Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is another unfortunate situation to find oneself facing. If a person is struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, it is best to sell the home before it is foreclosed on. By selling the house before it is repossessed by the bank the owner can use whatever equity is left to start over again. In addition, they may be able to stop a foreclosure being placed on their credit score.

5 – Their Home Was Damaged by A Recent Storm or Fire

If a home is damaged in a fire, flood or any type of natural disaster, the cost of repairs may not be worth it. Repairing a damaged home is extremely time consuming and often times the home is unlivable during the repairs. The expenses can begin to grow as a mounting list of previously undiscovered problems are exposed over the course of repairs. This stress coupled with the potential financial burden causes many homeowners to want to get out of their damaged home quickly.

6 – They Are Tired of Being A Landlord

Being a landlord has its many perks, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. There are many reasons landlords want to sell their properties, but the one that makes them want to get out quick is having bad tenants. Landlords do their best to screen for potential problems with renters, but when bad tenants slip through the screening prosses they are extremely difficult to get out. There are countless laws protecting renters’ rights that it is often times better to sell the bad tenants with the property and forget your troubles.

If you do sell quickly, confirm you have a reputable and honest company.

With the increase in companies available to purchase your home, homeowners need to ensure that they sell to a reputable and honest company. To assess if a potential company is right for you, review their procedures as well as their reviews.

We at Gulf State Homebuyers may be the company you are looking for! We are A+ BBB Accredited, we have a simple and straightforward process, and we have the history and reviews to support our claims. Additionally, we received the Houston’s BBB Distinction Award for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, contact us today to learn more.

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Steps to Selling to An All-Cash Buyer…and the Benefits!


Are you ready for a change? Has your family outgrown your home? Do you need more living space to accommodate everyone’s growing needs? Are you looking to transition into a home in a top-notch school district? In essence, are you looking to move?

If you are then you have probably been doing some research on your best options for moving. Reviewing different real estate options, assessing where the real estate market is, and driving yourself crazy on whether or not you are making the best decision for your future. Well, if you want to consider a simpler option to moving, think about selling your home to an all-cash buyer. Selling to an all-cash buyer can help relieve some of the stress of selling on the market – no longer do you have to think about marketing, staging, and negotiating – instead, you can sell your home in four simple steps.

First, A Bit About Us….

We are Gulf State Homebuyers, a full-service real estate investment company founded in 2006. We are located in Baytown and purchase homes all-cash in the Greater Houston Area. We buy homes regardless of the reason the seller is selling – we buy vacant homes, those that need renovations and upgrades, those facing foreclosure, investment properties (with or without tenants), condos, and damaged homes. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau member and have previously been awarded the Distinction Award for 2016, 2017, and 2018. We are dedicated to providing sellers a fast, easy and stress-free way to sell their real estate.

With over fifteen years’ experience in the real estate market, we have created a home-buying strategy that makes the selling process easy for our clients. Our process is free and requires no obligation from the seller – if you change your mind at any time, no problem – just let us know. Now, let’s take a look at those four steps that can get you out of your old home and into a new one….

Step 1 – Make the Initial Call

Taking action on your part is the first step to get the ball rolling. To learn more about our company, you can visit our website here. To contact us, you can call us at 281-816-5454 or send us an inquiry here. If you chose to send an inquiry, we will have one of our acquisition specialists contact you as soon possible.

Step 2 – Schedule an Appointment for a Home Assessment

Once we make contact, we will set up a time to visit your home. We will assess the value of the home while we are there and determine the value that we believe the home is worth. Again, remember that we buy homes in all conditions and as-is – that means that you as a homeowner do not need to worry about changing a thing.

We are knowledgeable investors with years of experience. We will not be requiting home inspections that take up your valuable time – we just bring ourselves and our expertise and are able to make the assessment that same day.

Step 3 – Get an Offer: Choose to Accept or Decline

While we are visiting the home we will make an offer on the spot. Our offers are competitive and the final terms can be customized to your needs. At this point, you as the seller can chose to accept or decline the offer.

If you accept, then we handle all of the paperwork, from start to finish. This includes drafting all agreements and completing all title transfer paperwork.

If you chose to decline, no worries. We will walk away and you will have the freedom to move forward with your home sale however you would like. Again, you have no obligations throughout the process.

Step 4 – Collect Your Check

After we have completed the paperwork, all you need to do is come in, sign, and collect your check. We will work with you on the closing date and ensure that you have enough time to move and take care of all details for your next phase.

Benefits of Selling to Us, Gulf State Homebuyers

Not only have we simplified your home selling process, but we provide additional benefits to home sellers as well:

  • You will not need to hire a real estate agent or market your home
  • You can sell your home as-is – no money spent upfront
  • You will not need to commit to or complete any inspections
  • We can close in as little as five days
  • There are no closing costs on your end – we cover them all
  • Plus, we can help you with moving costs!
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Gulfstate Homebuyers – Why Choose Us?


In today’s society, there are typically dozens of companies that offer the same services to one region – this includes in Baytown, Texas. Given this easy access to multiple resources, sometimes selecting a company for your needs can be difficult. How do you know which company is right for you? Well, when it comes to selling your home to an all cash-buyer, we have the answer for you.

Last week we outlined the importance of working with a A+  BBB accredited company when selling your home. This week we want to outline the importance of working with a company whose mission statement and philosophy match your needs.

What is the Mission Statement?

Many consumers overlook a company’s mission statement and look directly at what services a specific company offers – however, the truth is that a company’s mission statement provides important information to consumers about the philosophy of the company. The mission statement outlines the goals of the company, what their services include, and what their priorities are. Aligning yourself as a consumer with a company’s mission statement can allow you to be ensured that the process of working with that company will meet your expectations.

A Clearer Picture

Let’s take real estate for example. Many companies have different objectives in mind. Some are driven by profit and building equity for their company and clients, while others are more directed towards building a strong community and providing personalized services to its people.  Reflecting on your own personal ideologies, what kind of business do you want to support in your neighborhood?

How We Fit In…

We here at Gulf State Homebuyers are all-cash home buyers. “Our mission is to provide sellers a fast, easy and stress-free way to sell their real estate. We have been buying houses for over 15 years in Houston and the surrounding areas in addition to providing the best customer service in the business. Here at Gulf State Homebuyers, we take pride in making sure our sellers feel at home and not to mention, we treat them like family.”

As you can see, our mission is not about getting homes at below market prices, but rather dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction. This is essentially how we have built a highly reputable (A+ BBB Accreditation) company and how we have grown our business for over a decade, including through one of the worst recessions in United States history.

In situations where individuals don’t want to sell their home but are struggling financially, we try to help as well. We provide the option for our clients to sell us their home, then we allow them to rent or owner finance. This gives our clients the up-front capital to catch up financially and allows them to stay in the home that they feel comfortable in.

If a client is looking to move quickly, then we are here to help too. We buy homes that are damaged, threatened by foreclosure, and those that are investment properties. No matter the reason, we have a team of professionals that work with our clients to ensure that at the end of the day, their needs are being met. If they need to close quickly, we can close in five days. If they need help with moving, we can help with moving costs.

Why We Share This Information?

We want our community as a whole to grow and develop – it is not only where we do business, but where we live as well. That is why we share this information with individuals, such as yourself, who are looking to sell their home. We want to keep the economy of Baytown moving forward. Ultimately, we have aligned our mission statement with just this concept – putting our clients first.

Why Choose Us?

Do you align with our beliefs and ideas? Are you looking for a company that can support you during the home-selling process, which can be stressful and overwhelming? Are you looking for a company that can work with you on the closing date so that your transition into your next phase is smooth and simple?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then we may be the company for you.

Get started today! As mentioned, we buy homes in all conditions. We make competitive offers and provide simple solutions to our clients when they are confronted with the challenges of selling their home. We have legal counsel that can draft all paperwork and a team of educated individuals who can assist throughout the process.  We stay true to our mission statement.

Don’t wait –  contact us today for your free consultation.

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Two Myths About Selling to An All Cash-Buyer – DEBUNKED!


If you are a homeowner and are considering selling your house, then any type of research most likely brought up some articles on the pros and cons of selling to an all-cash buyer. Unfortunately, many articles highlight the myths (advertised as facts!) that relate to selling to an all-cash buyer. Well, we at Gulf State Homebuyers are here to share with you two truths that we believe every homeowner should know. There are numerous benefits to selling your home to an all-cash buyer; however, these myths often steer homeowners in the other direction. We hope that by providing you with these two truths we can help you make an educated choice on the next best move in your home selling process. Now – let’s start debunking!


Homeowners in general report feeling fearful of selling to an all-cash buyer because they believe that all-cash buyers are going to provide an under-market offer. This myth is commonly marketed by real estate agents because it can be identified as a competitive advantage to agents.

Nonetheless, this myth is false. An all cash-home buyer is a real estate investor. They are educated in the market and have the capital at hand to purchase homes in their identified areas. The offers that they give can be below the valuation – however, this does not mean that they are low-balling the homeowner.

Just like when a homeowner works with a real estate agent, the first thing a real estate investor will do is valuate the property. They do this by considering other homes on the market, their selling prices, recent closes, quality of the home, as well as a few more variables. Once they have the valuation, they make an offer

This offer is sometimes below the valuation of a respected agent – but, why? Well, when you are selling your home on the market, there are additional costs that will be incurred by the home seller. First, they will be responsible for the agent’s commission – this is both the commission for the seller and the buyer’s agent and is generally 6% of the closing price. Secondly, the home owner will be responsible for closing costs. These costs are in addition to the agent fees and range from 2% – 5% of the closing cost of the home. Lastly, the seller may be responsible for paying for specific inspections and upgrades.

When an all-cash investor, such as Gulf State Homebuyers, makes an offer, these factors must be considered. For example, Gulf State Homebuyers covers all closing costs, removes all agent fees, purchases homes as-is, and even assists with seller moving expenditures. If taking into consideration these extra costs, the price that an investor makes is usually comparable to what the homeowner will receive at the end of paying all their fees at closing anyways. However, the benefit of selling to an an-cash investor – the time frame to close is exponentially shortened!


Many homeowners believe that the more eyes that see their house, the higher price they may receive – this is false. Conversely, the longer that a home sits on the market, the fewer offers the homeowner can anticipate, and they may incur the dreadful necessity of a price reduction in the future.

An effective agent will price a property accurately which means that the home should find a buyer relatively quickly. Though, there are additional factors that can affect this process, including the strength of the market, how many buyers are ready to purchase, and even what season it is that someone is marketing their home. With this uncertainty in finding a home buyer, and the threat of your home sitting on the market for an extended period of time, then the best option for selling your home comes down to a quick close – which is what an all-cash investor provides. Just as mentioned before, the price is competitive to the profit a homeowner would make from marketing their home on the market. But in selling to an all-cash investor, the anxiety of “what-if” can be removed, providing homeowners with ease and simplicity in selling their homes. We here at Gulf State Homebuyer can close in as quickly as 5 days!

Get Your Free Consultation

Determining the best solution for your future can be challenging. That is why we here at Gulf State Homebuyers provide our clients with free consultations and home evaluations. We educate clients on how we determine the price of their home and allow them to decide for themselves if selling to us is the best option. There is no commitment necessary. Contact us today and find out how our offer compares!

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4 Signs it May Be Time to Sell Your Home!


Is it ever the “right” time to sell? This is a question commonly asked by our clients. And although we can never say for certain what the perfect time is, there are signs that may indicate that it is a good time to sell. Let’s take a look at what these signs might be!

  1. Your family size is either growing or shrinking. 

Is your home life evolving? Do you have kids moving out, maybe heading to college? Or are you adding new members to the family? If your family size is changing (strictly looking at the members of the family that are living at home), it may be time to consider moving.

Living in a home that is too large can have a negative impact on the family. Not only are homeowners required to spend more on utilities for space that is not being used, but they are also required to commit time to maintain and repair that extra space as well. Moving to a smaller home that is more suitable for your family can help reduce spending and reduce stress.

On the contrary, we are seeing an increase in millennials purchasing homes, as well as a rise in the number of homeowners starting families. Ensuring that you have enough space for the whole family will provide you with the comfort you need for the future. If you are living in a small home and looking for the opportunity to transition into say a three bedroom, now could be the optimal time to sell. Most individuals think that they cannot afford to move into a larger home; however, there are a variety of factors that can impact this decision and the right real estate agent can help you find that next home that meets your financial means.

  1. You spend all your income on your home.

When surveyed, many Americans are reported to be spending almost 50% of their income on their mortgage. If this is how you are living, how are you getting the money to get out and enjoy life? Are you able to take your annual vacation and enjoy date night with your significant other? Most likely not. So, if you are paying more than 25% of your income on your mortgage, consider selling. Getting a mortgage that matches your income can let you live a happier life.

Outside of your mortgage, also look at your bills. Are they more than what you would like to spend on them? If they are, moving to either a smaller or more energy efficient home could provide you with some financial freedom.

  1. You are getting older and preparing for retirement.

This is never an easy one to acknowledge, however getting older can change the requirements you need in your home. It is better to move when you are ready and able instead of wait until later in retirement. Many of our clients have found that they relieved their anxiety when they moved early into a home that was more conducive to the next phase of their life – possibly one that is smaller and has fewer obstacles such as stairs.

If it’s not for a more accessible home, moving to prepare for retirement can also help with your financial stability. Most individuals who move for retirement find that they have more spending money each month – who wouldn’t want this added benefit?

  1. You are looking for a fresh start.

Have you had a challenging year? Maybe lost a loved one, changed jobs, or got a divorce? Any stressful event that occurs while you are living in your home can leave you with anxiety if you continue to live in that same home. Many psychologists recommend that getting a fresh start, including moving into a new home, can provide a healthy change to improve one’s mood. Also, it may give you a chance to refurbish the next home to fit the new goals that you have in line for the upcoming years.

Get Started

Most likely, if you are reading about whether or not it is a good time for you to sell, you have some inclination that you want to sell. You may be fearful and anxious about that next step; however, we are here to tell you that the process does not have to be complicated. If you want to learn more about how you could benefit from selling your home today, and how we can help you, contact us and speak with one of our agents!

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