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Do Homes Sell During the Holidays?



It’s true, the holidays are a very busy time of year. With the kids out of school and parties to attend there never seems to be left over time for anything extra, let alone selling a home. So, do homes sell during the holiday season? When it comes to real estate, the ideal time to sell your home is in the spring. This is because many buyers want to be settled in their home before the start of a new school year. However, putting your house up for sale around the holidays has its benefits.

This season is going to bring only the most serious buyers. In real estate, properties will always move, it’s just a matter of how fast. This can depend on how many homes are on the market –

more homes mean more competition which can leave your house sitting on the market for a while. For whatever circumstances, some people simply need to sell over the holidays, and some buyers have to buy a home during the holidays. It’s up to you to take advantage and make the most out of selling during this slower season.

To start, lower inventory during the holidays makes homes sell more quickly. As we mentioned, there is simply less competition and this can work to your advantage in several situations. Data suggests that homes sold around the holidays command a higher price due to the increased demand caused by low inventory. This can also be a great time to list a home that has some imperfections or needs an upgrade or two. This is because in the spring inventory picks up, and your home could get pushed to the bottom of the showing list – only the top homes in the best neighborhoods are going to sell quickly. Bottom line: Most homes listed in the fall sell quicker than homes on the market at the height of real estate season.

We also mentioned that anyone who is shopping for a new home around the holidays is likely to be a serious buyer. In the spring and summer many Americans will pop into open houses out of curiosity or even entertainment, daydreaming about what they would do if they were to move into the home, but with no intention to buy. During the holidays however, they aren’t going to spend their precious time looking at homes unless they have a real need to buy. If someone is looking at your home in the fall and winter months, chances are they are serious and ready to pull the trigger.

Career professionals can represent a large portion of the serious buyers towards the end of the year. This is because around this time many companies announce restructuring and transfer plans. Employees who get notified of a transfer are going to need a house on short notice and as a result, will be hunting for a new home during the holidays.

Tax breaks are another reason home buyers during the holiday season are highly motivated. There are some major tax benefits available that can be taken advantage of only if your home sale closes before December 31st. The deductions can be significant and include the mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan. These tax deductions are significant enough to prompt many home buyers to move during the holidays instead of waiting until the spring.

Nobody wants their home to sit on the market or even worse to have to lower their asking price because they have to sell during a slow time of year. The holidays can be stressful and throwing home sales into the mix is the last thing people want to do when they would rather be celebrating with family and friends or snuggling up next to a cozy fire. If you are faced with the challenge of selling during the holidays season, we have the solution for you. Sell to an all-cash buyer! We are Gulf State Homebuyers, and we buy homes all cash, all year, any season, and in all conditions. Skip the hassle this holiday season and sell your home at a competitive price before you invest in repairs, upgrades, brokers fees, and all the other wasted time and money that goes into selling your home. We just do a free, no-obligation home appraisal and make you an offer that same day. If you like what you hear, we can close in as little as five days, it’s that easy! Contact us today and have a happy holiday season this year!

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AHH! It’s Nearly 2020 Already?!



Christmas is almost here. And before we know it, it will be over. Another glorious December is coming to an end.

But you know when we’re stuck within that middle realm between Christmas & New Years Eve, where time stands still and you have no idea what to focus on, where to go, what to do…? Do I leave my tree up? How am I still full from Christmas? Are these leftovers still edible? (Yes. Yes, they are. Well, that’s always my answer.) When the heck is trash day? Is it Monday or Friday today? What day do the kids go back to school? Is there any chance they’ll take them earlier? When’s work? Is Wells Fargo going to forgive these charges or no?

Our minds are spinning with the remnants of 2019 and the beautiful memories made throughout the month of December, but it’s time to start thinking about the NEW YEAR. Although the spirit of Christmas is quickly coming to a close, we can look forward to a fresh & vibrant start to 2020. (Without Barbara Walters telling us it’s 20/20.)

If you’re anything like me, you use this opportunity, the newness, the clear 1/1 calendar day as a new chance to set goals for yourself. Maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s your business, maybe it’s your faith or your relationships. I like to make my own resolutions for all aspects of my life, but this year I’m taking charge and digging a little deeper.

Although your average lifestyle resolutions can make a healthier, wiser, more successful individual– I’m holding myself accountable and making changes that will not just benefit me individually, but everyone else around me. So, I’ll share with you what I’ve introduced to our team at Gulf State Homebuyers.

Here are a few guidelines that we plan to follow to get the most out of our 2020 and we hope you’ll join along:

  1. Unplug more. Remember that our children are led by example, so sending a text message while we yell for our kids to get off of their iPads is ADDING to the problem. Take more pictures that aren’t just for posting. Live in the moment instead of documenting them. Savor the smells. Encapsulate the snuggles. Embrace the NOW.
  2. Stop comparing and start embracing. It’s a waste of time, a blow to your motivation and an injustice to yourself and everything that you’ve worked for. You aren’t meant to be your neighbor, the girl at the gym, or your Facebook friend. You were given the life you have for a reason, so embrace it.
  3. Read one book a month (or two a month if you’re feeling feisty!) It’s as simple as that. We all have time, it’s about MANAGING that time, and the time we spend daily scrolling news feeds can be spent engaging our minds and diving into a good book.
  4. Be a girlfriend/boyfriend again. That’s right – not just a parent, not just a spouse, but a boyfriend/girlfriend again. Take your relationship back to the “dating” days and tap into the giddiness & butterflies & happiness that fueled your relationship in the first place. Don’t let every conversation with your significant other be about rules and jobs and responsibilities. Where’s the fun in that?
  5. Be a better friend. Lift them up, encourage their passions, listen to their bitching, know when to speak & relate or just to simply listen. One day, the day will come when your babies grow up, when all of the tiny fingerprints have disappeared from the surfaces of your home and you’re going to need that team of pals around you…
  6. Be ferociously grateful. Let go of the misconception of what you think life is SUPPOSED to be, so you can be grateful for what it actually IS. There is nothing better to fight off dark times (you know the ones: sadness, envy, depression, disillusionment) than sitting down and writing a list of the things you are truly grateful for. It is no coincidence that the Bible is filled with eloquent scripture asking you to count your blessings. Do it and watch the beauty of your own life unfold.
  7. Practice random kindness. Yes, the forever long “pay for the person in front of me” train at Chick fila is awesome and makes for a wonderful Facebook post, but I’m talking things that don’t have to involve money at all. Smile more. Speak to a classmate from your past instead of dodging them in Walmart. Check on your friends. Meet new friends. Start a conversation with a familiar stranger at the kid’s school. Thank someone. Make POSITIVE calls to the manager. Thank someone for their service. Compliment someone. It is a tiny task that takes nearly no time at all, yet you never know how badly someone may need it on that particular day.
  8. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. Don’t do it for recognition. Don’t do it because it’s required. Do it because you’re still practicing those random acts of kindness! Shortly after 2020 begins, January 20th rolls around. Which happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Coincidentally, I see that it’s also the National Day of Service, so it’s a great time to volunteer to clean up a park or help at an animal shelter. Go visit veterans and sign up for cancer walks. ANYTHING! And research shows that pitching in regularly can lead to less stress and lower blood pressure. So, use this day to jump start a longer-term personal commitment. Doing it as a team will boost employee morale and make everyone around you feel those warm and fuzzies. Who doesn’t want that?

Try one of these simple lifestyle tweaks each day, and you’ll not only jump start a healthier mind — you’ll feel fantastic and so psyched to make 2020 your best year ever. All of us are on board and 1000% behind you!

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Prepping For Winter



Here at Gulf State Homebuyers, homes are our business. Founded in 2006, we have seen our fair share of what happens to properties when they’re not getting the attention they need. Homes need people.

One of the key factors in how our company has been able to thrive for many years is by buying neglected homes after some force of nature has made it nearly impossible for the homeowner to handle. We love being able to help our community. But there are ways to avoid being overwhelmed by the circumstance.

          Take the time to protect your investment.

The middle of fall is a wonderful time to start thinking about your home maintenance and start preparing for colder weather. Sure, southeast Texas usually shows us all 4 seasons in a week’s time—but that’s all the more reason to PREPARE for anything.

Here are a few things you can do to get ready for the winter and help keep your home happy:

Check your home’s heating and air conditioning system(s)

Most heating and air systems typically last 12 to 15 years. We see systems that are pretty much dead at 10 years and we see systems that are still going strong at 20 years. A lot of this has to do with how they’re maintained. (Notice the pattern here.)

Before the weather turns frigid, take the time to change your filters, at the very least. We recommend having the system inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor. Better yet, maybe even explore getting an annual maintenance agreement. Have the contractor check your system and make sure your heat is going to work when you need it to. It’s much better to find an HVAC problem in the moderate temperatures of the fall than it is to find your furnace doesn’t work during a hard freeze or your ac doesn’t work during a SETX summer.

Check your drainage

Make sure the soil around your foundation hasn’t settled, creating areas for water to pool at your foundation. If you find a low spot, simply fill it in with some soil. Then go around and check your rain gutter downspouts. Make sure water is getting moved away from the home. Add downspout extenders if necessary. Saturated soil around a foundation can create real problems as it freezes and thaws throughout the winter months.

Clean your gutters

Once the leaves are pretty much off the trees, it’s time to clean those gutters. When your gutters back up, they overflow, and when they overflow, that water runs down your home, speeding up the deterioration of your exterior. It can also lead to deterioration of your foundation, water infiltration in the bottom floor, sometimes even the walls that share the clogged gutter, and to settling under your concrete porches and walks, which creates all kinds of problems. Gutter screens are highly recommended, but you will need to perform maintenance on those as well. They’re typically not a fix-all.

Clean your chimney and order firewood

Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected before you start building those cozy fires in the next couple of months. A good chimney sweep company will make sure the fireplace is safe to use, and it can also identify maintenance problems. Make sure you check out our YouTube channel for our demonstration and list of preferred contractors to assist.

This is also the time to order that load of firewood or start collecting dry, freshly chopped wood yourselves. Take the time to stack and cover that wood in a good location in the yard. Make sure that old firewood isn’t rotten and move it away from your home.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Winter is the time most house fires happen. It’s the time of year when we’re blasting the furnace and building fires. Dried pine trees with hot light bulbs. (Here’s looking at you, real Christmas trees!)

We are also much more likely to have our home closed tight, so carbon monoxide is a much bigger hazard. Check all of your smoke detectors to make sure they are working and that they have good batteries. If your home is not equipped with carbon monoxide detectors, consider getting some. The HVAC inspection will also ensure your furnace and water heater are properly vented, which is the most likely source of carbon monoxide.

Prep the Plumbing

Drain the water from your outdoor faucets and garden hoses and arrange to have any in-ground sprinkler pipes blown out. Roll up the garden hoses and store them inside. Identify any “problem” pipes that are prone to freezing in the house and consider using heat tape to keep them warm during extremely cold weather. If the worst happens, ensure everyone in the family knows how to turn off the water at the source. This will minimize leaking when and if a pipe burst.

When winter temperatures drop significantly below normal, staying warm and safe can become a challenge. Make sure you take the proper precautions to make sure everyone and everything survives the elements. Homes need people. Pets need people. People need people.

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The holidays are a great time of year to connect with family, mingle with friends, enjoy delicious food, and give thanks to all we have. However, it is also a great time to give back and consider how we can help someone a little less fortunate than us. The good news…you don’t have to look that far! Here are a couple of ways you can give back this season right here in Baytown.

Help the Homeless

Not everyone is as fortunate to have a warm home to cuddle up in during the winter nights. Therefore, as the temperature continues to drop, it is an optimal time to donate to Bay Area Homeless Services Inc. (BAHS). BAHS is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless population and those at risk of homelessness; their goal is to help their clients “to attain self-sufficiency, acquire permanent housing, and return to independent living as contributing members of society, providing an array of supportive services.”

You can get involved by donating cash or becoming a volunteer. They are looking for volunteers for the following roles: administrative assistant, donations assistants, maintenance/landscape experts, social media assistants, to name a few. If you want to get a group involved you can even collect a bag of their current needs, which includes: new or gently used twin and full sheet sets, toiletries, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, washing machine detergent, boxes of copier paper, paper goods, new or gently used towels, children’s books, disposable diapers and canned goods.

Foster an Animal

Open your heart and home to an animal in search of a family by becoming a foster for the Baytown Humane Society. The Baytown Humane Society is a “non-profit organization composed of concerned Baytown citizens working separately from–but in cooperation with–the Baytown Area Shelters and Individuals in the area to relieve the suffering of animals and to improve their chances for adoption into loving homes.”

If you don’t have a home to offer you can still offer your heart by becoming a volunteer. This will give you an opportunity to give back while also enhancing your personal skills. Some volunteer duties include helping with administering first-aid and medication to the animals, counseling potential adopters, walking dogs at the shelter, assisting with paperwork, sponsoring or participating in a fundraising event, and more! If you have the time, contact the shelter and get started to give an animal a home for the holidays.

Promote Education

Are you interested in ensuring the future of our children and helping them become the best they can be? If so, then maybe it is time to reach out and become a part of Communities in Schools (CIS) of Baytown. CIS of Baytown is “an affiliate of the nation’s largest and most effective nonprofit organization dedicated to drop-out prevention and student success.” They currently serve over 1,700 students on eleven campuses within the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District. CIS provides its students with basic needs, academic assistance, career and college readiness, life skills training, support and guidance, and family support.

If you want to get involved you can donate today or contact CIS to become a volunteer!

Don’t See an Organization that Interests You?

If you are not drawn into the three organizations identified above, don’t let this be a reason not to give back this holiday season. There are thousands of nonprofit organizations that are always looking for assistance. Whether you want to volunteer or just donate to the cause of your choice, all you need to do is a quick google search and we are sure you can find the right charity for you! Remember, it’s a time of giving, so give what you can whether it’s cash, companionship, or something else!

Who we are:

Gulf State Homebuyers is a local, full service real estate investment company founded in 2006 by Dwayne White, a Baytown native who not only knows the area of Greater Houston, but the people as well.  We here at Gulf State Homebuyers have been given the 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019  Distinction Award by the Better Business Bureau for not only our service excellence, but our impact in the real estate business.

Our company specializes in purchasing residential and commercial properties in Houston and its surrounding areas. We not only supply clients with the ability to sell their home for cash; in many situations, we allow our clients to rent or owner finance from us as well. Our staff has purchased hundreds of homes in all cash throughout the years, in addition to offering sellers fair market prices for their homes with closings in a matter of days.

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Top Restaurants to Visit for a Holiday Meal



With the holidays comes great food and feasting; it also means reuniting with friends and family to enjoy catching up on the past year’s events. So, whether your house is not ideal for hosting events or you simply need a break from the kitchen, there is always an option to eat out this holiday season. Here are our top picks for classy holiday meals in the Baytown area.

Monument Inn

Like a local institution when it comes to seafood, the Monument Inn has been in business since 1974. Although the original location burned down, the current waterfront restaurant has survived both hurricane Ike and hurricane Harvey. Locals can’t get enough of Monument Inn’s fresh seafood and the restaurant packs away an estimated 80,000 pounds of shrimp and roughly 25,000 pounds of catfish, crawfish and other fresh fish every year. For seafood lovers Monument Inn makes a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday meal with friends and family.

Main 101 Grill & Bar

Located in the heart of historic downtown La Porte, Main 101 Grill and Bar offers fine dining in a more relaxed casual setting. With its contemporary design and attention to customer satisfaction, this restaurant is sure to take some of the stress out of the holidays and allow you to relax and enjoy your meal. It also won’t break the bank since it has become known for offering up three coarse meals at a reasonable price. So, give yourself a break from the kitchen and meet some friends at main 101 Grill and Bar.

Opus Bistro & Steakhouse

A local sensation is reborn after the tragic destruction of hurricane Harvey. Opus Bistro & Steakhouse is now located inside the South Shore Harbor Resort and churning out all the decadent and sublime dishes it is known for. It earned its reputation amongst the elite waterfront venues by the bay with southern hospitality and gourmet dining. The newly reopened restaurant features warm elegant décor, first class food presentation, and waterfront views from every table. This time of year it makes the perfect venue for an elegant holiday meal and fantastic drinks with loved ones.

Brasserie 1895

For a more unique twist try some new American cuisine at Brasserie 1895. The Houston chronicle described this restaurant as, “popular with the surrounding neighborhoods, but it’s a destination for diners drawn by the work of this Belgian-trained chef with a Central Texas-German heart and a Houstonian’s zest for multicultural fun.” Legendary chef, Kris Jacob, employs a seasonal menu with creative combinations that will keep you interested in what’s new. Brasserie 1895 is also well known for its hand selected wine list and cocktails chosen to perfectly complement these inspired dishes.

Whisky Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whisky Cake Kitchen & Bar is a fantastic place for breakfast and brunch, but it also has an amazing selection of gastropub fare and libations crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This farm to table style restaurant makes everything in-house and features innovative appetizers, farm fresh comfort food, freshly caught fish, and craft cocktails. When you are tired of cooking from the previous night’s feast, Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar makes the perfect location to meet back up with friends and family for brunch before heading out for some holiday shopping.

If all this eating out for the holidays is the result of a house that’s not up to snuff, we may have the solution to your holiday dinner woes. We are Gulf State Homebuyers and we buy homes for all cash in the Baytown and Houston areas. If you are longing to get out of your current home and into a home more suitable for hosting parties and events, or you are simply eager to move, we can help. We buy homes as-is so there is no need to spend the time and money normally needed to prepare a home for selling on the open market. Even better, when you skip these steps and avoid the costs of a broker, real estate agent, and marketing, our offers are very competitive. Contact us today for a free, no obligation appraisal and be ready to host holiday meals in your new home next year!

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