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  • Avoid lengthy repair schedule. Extensive flood repairs can take 12 to 18 months.
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  • Quick turn around to sell – 7 to 10 days on average.

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“After we made the phone call, it was very smooth and quick. The response time was so fast and we had another company that was supposed to come out and they couldn’t work on our time frame. They promised us an offer on the spot and that was something other people wouldn’t do. We called the other buyer right after and told them not to come out because we were happy with the offer we got. We were so happy that the closing was so close to home at their office! We felt no pressure and we love that they worked with us on getting our stuff out too. All around a great experience.”
“This process of selling my house was easy and very quick. It was convenient with the closing and signing. The people with Gulf States are very friendly and professional. I feel like I got a very fair price for my property. I had not sold in the past because I didn’t think I was going to get very much for it. I was nervous that these kinds of companies were going to low ball me and that was not the case here. One of the reasons I selected Gulf State was the phone calls – the follow-up was extremely accurate and Camila was always in contact.”
“The day I decided to sell my house I went straight to Gulf State Homebuyers. Camila had been trying to reach me for over a year and I was finally ready. Since she was the one who followed up with me for so long, it was a no brainer to go to use her. She was very patient with me. They were very polite and helped you understand everything every step of the way. They don’t push you to take an offer. I would highly recommend Gulf State Homebuyers to anyone who is thinking of selling their home.“
“I think my most memorable part of the experience was how at ease I felt with the company representative and also, the speed it took to complete the sale. I was impressed by the friendly and comfortable manner of the representative of the company. He made me feel at ease and I felt he was trustworthy and wanted to give me a fair offer. Any concerns or questions I had were quickly addressed and resolved. If I had to leave a message, the specialist returned the call in a very short period of time. I appreciated the fact that this was a local company, with an office where all the employees were located, and I could contact them if I needed to. There was quick communication from the time I called for an offer to the signing. I felt the specialist was truly genuine in trying to make the best offer for both of us.”


So many houses all over the city were covered in water, debris and even wiped out completely.  So many people were even without water, clean clothes and food.  This was something that seemed more like a movie than reality.  We took it personal and for several weeks closed our business down to just help the people of our city.

We set up a drop off location for supplies, clothes, food and water at our office and supplied over 120+ families with assistance.  This is our city and we had to do something.  Even today, people are still trying to get their houses remodeled, fixed or even sold due to this catastrophic hurricane that will forever change us.

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On September 17, 2019, Imelda was the fifth wettest tropical storm on record in the United States hit southeast Texas causing record-breaking flooding.  The storm was a borderline category 1 hurricane as it formed in the Gulf of Mexico just hours before landing in Galveston.  This tropical storm devastated many major coastal cities from Galveston all the way to Beaumont, dropping more than 43 inches of rain in less than 3 days.


August 25-29, 2017 is the date that marks history for all South Texas. Yes, years later, we are unfortunately still talking about Hurricane Harvey. Crazy to think it was already that long ago, it seems like it was just a few days ago we were all surrounded by tons of water. Nearly 203,000 homes were either damaged or destroyed in the catastrophic Harvey, costing an estimated $180 billion of damage. This is more than any other natural disaster in U.S. history. Harvey made its first landfall on August 25th, 2017 and then made landfall another 2 times after that over a 6-day period. A total of 738,000 people who registered for assistance with FEMA.

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We don’t complicate things when we buy houses and that’s why so many sellers choose Gulf State Homebuyers when they are selling a flooded home.
We have a “NO BULL” approach that people love, not to mention there are no out of pocket costs to you! We pay all closing costs, and you pay no commission like you would if you were listing the home with a realtor.
All of these savings means more money in your pocket.

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★ Many didn’t have flood insurance
★ Property values decreased
★ Many neighborhoods couldn’t recover
★ Little or no money to rebuild
★ Home has flooded several times
★ Home structure was a complete loss
★ Lack of knowledge in remodeling

★ They lost everything



★ Our A+ BBB rating in Houston
★ No closing costs or out of pocket expenses
★ We can close fast with no hassle
★ We can help with relocation costs
★ We can pay for moving expenses
★ We handle all paperwork start to finish

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We don’t complicate things when we buy houses and that’s why so many sellers choose Gulf State Homebuyers when they are selling a flooded home. We have a “NO BULL” approach that people love, not to mention there is no out-of-pocket cost to you!We pay all closing costs, and you pay no commissions like you would if you were listing the home with a realtor. All of these savings means more money in your pocket.


If you are still dealing with a flooded home from Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda, or any other recent storm, please give us a call or click the SELL NOW button below to request an offer now. We would love to take the burden away by making you an ALL CASH offer today!