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  • If you sell your house and stop foreclosure you will be able to buy a house again one day.
  • The longer you wait, the more interest and attorney fees that will keep piling up.
  • The faster we can help, the easier it will be to help save your credit.

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If you have a home facing foreclosure and are curious about an offer, fill out the GET A FREE CASH OFFER TODAY form above and someone will contact you immediately to discuss a fair, ALL CASH offer.

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“After we made the phone call, it was very smooth and quick. The response time was so fast and we had another company that was supposed to come out and they couldn’t work on our time frame. They promised us an offer on the spot and that was something other people wouldn’t do. We called the other buyer right after and told them not to come out because we were happy with the offer we got. We were so happy that the closing was so close to home at their office! We felt no pressure and we love that they worked with us on getting our stuff out too. All around a great experience.”
“This process of selling my house was easy and very quick. It was convenient with the closing and signing. The people with Gulf States are very friendly and professional. I feel like I got a very fair price for my property. I had not sold in the past because I didn’t think I was going to get very much for it. I was nervous that these kinds of companies were going to low ball me and that was not the case here. One of the reasons I selected Gulf State was the phone calls – the follow-up was extremely accurate and Camila was always in contact.”
“The day I decided to sell my house I went straight to Gulf State Homebuyers. Camila had been trying to reach me for over a year and I was finally ready. Since she was the one who followed up with me for so long, it was a no brainer to go to use her. She was very patient with me. They were very polite and helped you understand everything every step of the way. They don’t push you to take an offer. I would highly recommend Gulf State Homebuyers to anyone who is thinking of selling their home.“
“I think my most memorable part of the experience was how at ease I felt with the company representative and also, the speed it took to complete the sale. I was impressed by the friendly and comfortable manner of the representative of the company. He made me feel at ease and I felt he was trustworthy and wanted to give me a fair offer. Any concerns or questions I had were quickly addressed and resolved. If I had to leave a message, the specialist returned the call in a very short period of time. I appreciated the fact that this was a local company, with an office where all the employees were located, and I could contact them if I needed to. There was quick communication from the time I called for an offer to the signing. I felt the specialist was truly genuine in trying to make the best offer for both of us.”


Can’t keep up with your mortgage? Everyone gets behind sometimes.

Avoiding the issue will only make it worse.

We understand that you’re stressed and afraid. We understand that you probably feel alone right now.

We can help before it’s too late.

By the time you’re a month behind on your mortgage, it becomes almost impossible to sell your home on the open market fast enough to avoid sending your house to auction.

Yet, we can buy your house in a matter of days.

If you have a sufficient amount of equity in your home we can pay off your entire debt to the bank and provide you with moving assistance so you get a fresh start in a more affordable home.

Need permission to short sell? We have years of experience dealing with banks.

We’ll save you time. We’ll save you money. And we’ll keep the foreclosure off your credit report.

Just call us or fill out the form on this page now to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with our home buying professionals.

Why Is It So Important to Avoid Foreclosure?

  • Avoiding foreclosure preserves your ability to buy another house after your situation improves.
  • Moving fast keeps interest and attorney’s fees from piling up.
  • Foreclosure can drop your credit score by 100 points or more. That means it could be hard to even find an apartment.
  • You’ll continue to owe the deficiency balance on your loan after foreclosure.
  • Our service lets you get out of a bad situation with your dignity and finances in tact.

You still have options, even if you’re getting auction notices. You just have to move fast.

We have helped hundreds of Homebuyers in similar situations. We provide compassionate relief and real financial solutions to Homebuyers just like you.

We look forward to hearing from you! Be sure and check out our FAQ page!

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Once you have accepted our offer, we schedule a closing date and you get paid! It’s just that simple.

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We don’t complicate things when we buy houses and that’s why so many sellers choose Gulf State Homebuyers when they are selling their home.
We have a “NO BULL” approach that people love, not to mention there is no out-of-pocket cost to you!
We pay all closing costs, and you pay no commissions like you would if you were listing the home with a realtor.
All of these savings means more money in your pocket.


Stop your foreclosure today! Don’t wait! Every day counts. We can save you thousands of dollars while helping you save your credit. Contact us today.