Homes come in all shapes and sizes and when thinking about buying a new home, it is important to consider its layout. Let’s take a look at some home styles to help you determine which type of home is right for you.

The Fixer Upper

Fixer uppers are great for a number of reasons and work well for a variety of homeowners. To start, buying a home that needs a little work can be a great entry point for first time home buyers because they are generally priced much lower than other homes on the market. They can also help home buyers stretch their budget and get into a nicer neighborhood or a larger home. Next, there is the ambitious homeowner who sees an investment opportunity and can turn the house around for a profit. Lastly, the potential homeowner that comes as a surprise in the fixer upper category is retirees. This sounds opposite to the typical picture of retirement, but there is a large subset of retired people who enjoy light home improvement as a hobby.


The townhouse is the ultimate choice for maximizing space in areas where property values are high. Town homes are crowded together and share side walls with their neighbors, but on the inside, they are quite spacious. This is because your typical townhouse has multiple stories to make the most of the smaller lot. The main draw of the townhouse is location. Homeowners who like lively neighborhoods full of entertainment and great food are a perfect fit for a townhouse. The location of these homes also makes them great for people who want to shorten their commute since they are usually located closer to city centers.


Contemporary home design has continued to grow in popularity over the years to the point that it is difficult to find a house on the market that isn’t boasting an open layout in the kitchen. This is because contemporary design has several advantages that older style homes just aren’t equipped to handle. The open floor plan is the most famous feature in contemporary home design; it earned its popularity from its versatility, which makes this style home great for dynamic homeowners and families who are continually evolving. The open spaces help bring families together and feel more connected because they have the space to be independent but the openness to still be in view of each other. This same open space also makes contemporary homes great for entertaining. Plus, an added bonus, the materials used to build these homes are usually very eco-friendly and can save homeowners a ton of money on utilities.


These homes are perfect for people who don’t require much space. Simple small living and even minimalism are big perks for people who enjoy cottage homes. They are often found in beautiful historic neighborhoods that are very quiet and safe. Also having a small footprint means less maintenance and lower utility bills, which makes them a good fit for retirees and seniors. There is also a growing number of homeowners who want a smaller home for budget and environmental reasons, and these small houses certainly fit the bill.


The ranch home is the most popular style home in the United States and for good reason: Its simple one-story layout can be made to fit anyone’s style or taste. These homes come with large backyards, which is great for growing families – they can use the space for entertainment or to add more bedrooms. On the other end of the spectrum seniors enjoy the single-story layout that makes the house safe and practical as they age. They are so versatile that it seems the only drawbacks to these homes are that they remain expensive due to their popularity; furthermore, they are found further out in the suburbs which could add to your commute.

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