This year has brought attention to new and improved upgrades for homes around the United States. Some of the top renovations for 2019 are changing the way homes interact with homeowners, while others are just popular changes in the home that home buyers are seeking. Historically in homeownership, upgrades were related to new paint jobs and remodeling; however, this year the residential real estate market is also seeing an increase in more expensive upgrades related to technology and appliances. In this article we will outline the top four renovations for 2019, and the pros and cons of upgrading versus moving!


2019 Renovations


  1. Hands Free Technology: This has been a trend that has grown over the last ten years. SMART technology is transforming the way that homeowners live, creating opportunities for almost all aspects of their home to be voice activated. Hands free technology is making living simpler and more enjoyable.


  1. Utility and Appliance Upgrades: Green is in! And homeowners that are not implementing green technologies in their homes are the ones struggling to sell to millennial home buyers. From eco-friendly appliances to new and improved HVAC systems, going green is one of the hottest trends in 2019.


  1. Kitchens and Bathrooms: These two upgrades make the top renovations list year after year. This year homeowners will be continuing to implement open spaces in the kitchen, along with replacing old stainless-steel appliances with sleek black ones. In the bathrooms, homeowners are investing in eco-friendly, natural feeling spaces.


  1. Creating Warm Spaces: This trend outlines a variety of upgrades and changes homeowners are anticipated to make this year. The simplest installment of this trend is via adding light wood flooring and warm color paint. The larger renovations include adding circadian lighting, which is a new technology that produces indoor illumination that mimics the natural light and warmth of the outdoors, and the installation of bigger windows, which provides more opportunity for natural light to flow into the home.


Unfortunately, many popular remodels may simply be too cost prohibitive to consider in an older home. Before taking the plunge into renovating your home, assess the pros and cons of upgrading versus moving.


Drawbacks to Renovating an Older Home

  • Renovating an older home can be costly, and upgrades are limited.
  • While conducting inspections for upgrades there is a high probability that the inspector will find additional problems in the home that may need your attention prior to the upgrade. These unexpected issues can prove to add unwanted costs to any upgrade.
  • Depending on your stage in life, adding the technology and green appliances may not be financially beneficial. If you are in your later years, your return on investment may be too far out.


Benefits to Renovating an Older Home

  • Many people have an emotional connection to their home. Completing the upgrades can help you stay in the same house.
  • You can have control over the upgrades, picking and choosing what is best for your future.


Drawbacks of Moving to a New Home

  • Selling your home can be timely, and if you are emotionally connected, it can be challenging.
  • You may have to pay for the move – agent fees and escrow fees can be costly.


Benefits of Moving to a New Home

  • Newer homes require far less maintenance.
  • You can move into a home with the latest and greatest technologies and home improvements. These upgrades can also assist in reducing monthly bills and will generally last longer than older appliances.
  • Change is good. It can provide a new positive outlook on life, and give individuals the chance for a fresh beginning.


If you are challenged with which option to select, we may have a solution that can help you decide. We here at Gulf State Homebuyer’s are currently purchasing homes, new and old, damaged and in prime-condition. Many homeowners are reluctant to move into newer modeled homes because of the fear of the time and money it takes to transition. However, we provide homeowners the opportunity to move with no unexpected fees, and in a quick manner. Our offers are competitive and generally prove to be the solution to help get people into the next home of their dreams.


There is no need to waste time and money on this year’s hottest upgrades when you can purchase a home that already has them! If you want to get your free assessment for your home and identify if moving is an option, contact us today.

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