It’s time for Thanksgiving, the holiday that is most likely to put your kitchen to the test. Every oven, stove-top, and utensil will come into play as you prepare a Thanksgiving feast for all ages. Chances are, when your kitchen is under so much strain, its flaws and shortcomings become much more apparent. So, what would make a perfect kitchen for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, or any feast for that matter? Here is some kitchen advice that will help you decide which family member should actually be hosting the big feast and some tips on what to upgrade and remodel to make your kitchen ready to handle Thanksgiving for years to come.

Start with the lay of the land. From the beginning, the design of the kitchen needs to provide you with plenty of counter-space to work with, as well as a setup that is useful and efficient. Plenty of pantry space is also nice for hosting large gatherings. In the industry, when designing a good kitchen, we try to stick to the fundamental kitchen design principal called the “work triangle.” This means that within the four walls of the kitchen, or sometimes the kitchen island, the refrigerator, sink, and oven are arranged on three different walls with no obstructions in between. When laid out in this fashion the chef can easily access all of the most important and commonly used kitchen appliances while moving through the kitchen in an efficient triangular space. If your kitchen is linier or set up in an odd fashion due to lack of space or other design shortcomings, then a remodel is sure to make your kitchen more useful and enjoyable.

With today’s lifestyle you will also want a kitchen with an open floor plan. This design has gained popularity over the years for many reasons. Most importantly for you, it encourages socialization and makes hosting gatherings at the home much more enjoyable. Now instead of hiding away in a kitchen that is separated from the action, you can converse with guests and be a part of the festivities while you are monitoring the meal. In fact, the tendency for side groups to gather and mingle in the kitchen during parties was another big influence for the shift in design preference. Now it is common to see islands and counter-tops worked into the kitchens layout specifically designed for small groups of people to gather. Once again, if your current home lacks an open floor plan it may be time for a remodel.

Now it’s time to talk about equipment. Appliances have come a long way over the years and if yours are starting to show their age it might be time for replacements. Smart home technology is the way to go now, with appliances doing everything from monitoring temperatures to turning themselves off – ultimately, they can take a lot of stress off of the cook, especially during a holiday feast when attempting to balance so many dishes at the same time. You can even use your smart phone to have the oven preheat before you get home or give you reminders and change oven settings while you are enjoying the party in the other room. Also, to improve the number of dishes you can be cooking at the same time, there are a number of great split ovens available that do the job in less space and more efficiently than the double stack ovens of yesterday.

If your home is lacking the efficient layout, open floor plan, and upgraded appliances needed to host a fabulous Thanksgiving feast, rather than spending the time and money to get it up to your standards, you could sell your home and move into one with the perfect kitchen. Sound crazy, not so fast. We are Gulf State Homebuyers and we will buy your home as-is for all cash. Our offers are extremely competitive when you consider the cost of upgrading your kitchen or any other remodels and repairs your home may need. Plus, you can skip all the fees for brokers, real estate agents, and marketing. We can close in as little as five days and can even help you move. So, contact us today for a no obligation appraisal – if you like what you hear you can be in the home with the kitchen of your dreams next holiday season. Happy holidays from the team at Gulf State Homebuyers!

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