A strong social media presence may help you sell your home faster, as well as provide you with the opportunity to get a stronger offer (higher price, shorter close, etc.). However, the key to finding this success is by using social media to market your home effectively and efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.

Each Social Media Avenue Connects with A Different Audience

You may be knowledgeable on the different social media sources – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, etc. But are you aware of the clientele each site is likely to connect with? This is an important aspect to understand when marketing your home, as each source will connect you with a different audience. For example, baby boomers are more likely to utilize Facebook for their personal needs, while millennials are more inclined to stick with Instagram. Understanding the differences in these platforms will allow you to market your home more effectively to potential buyers.

Facebook Advertising

This is a unique function on Facebook which actually allows agents (or homeowners) to carry out targeted marketing – identify the individuals they would like to see their advertisement and have the ad previewed on their home page. If you understand the market trends, you will know that most home buyers today are millennials. Therefore, if you are selling your home in Baytown, you may want to consider using a Facebook Ad to get your listing out to 20 – 30 year olds within a fifty-mile radius…targeting marketing via social media.


Video marketing has largely taken over old-fashioned forms of advertising. With thousands of listings available daily to potential buyers, they do not generally want to spend their time visiting each home. This would be ineffective. Therefore, these home buyers are depending on posted videos of potential homes, which outline the benefits and details of the home. If a selling agent is not utilizing video marketing via YouTube, you may be missing out on opportunities.


This is the largest and fastest growing social media site available. Due to the ability to utilize hashtags, potential buyers now have a simple browsing method to identify potential homes in their desired neighborhoods or with their coveted luxuries. When posting your home be sure to utilize this opportunity and identify thirty hashtags that can help improve your homes presence. Since there are now over 800 million Instagram users, this is a cheap and effective way to market your home.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words 

Get rid of amateur photos – this will not help your listing. With today’s available technologies, including complete walk through interior collages and a drone’s ability to take aerial photos, posting visually appealing photos is a must, advanced photos are necessary to get a home buyer to your open house.

What’s Your Agents Social Media Site Include?

If you browse Yelp or even Google “best real estate agent in (insert your town here),” you will find the most highly recognized real estate agents in the area. Additionally, if you review their social media sites, you will generally find that they are consistent on their posting and relevant with their material. They usually have a large number of followers as well. So, if you are listing your home with a local agency, try searching for their social media sites and see if they are the best suited for you. Remember that selling a home is about getting the word out that the home is for sale – it is all about networking. So, if you can find an agent that is dedicated to their online networking, consider listing your home with them. The more networking skills your agent has equals a more competitive price for your home.

Don’t Lose Money Because You Feel Social Media “Is Not Important”

Many individuals underestimate the impact social media has on their listing. They may feel like they can just leave the work up to the realtor and expect the highest results. Home sellers however need to be sure that their agent is best utilizing all the marketing resources available. The more eyes that see their listing, the higher the price you can sell for.

Benefits of Selling to an All Cash Buyer

Because a realtor must find the buyer with the best terms, they are required to stay up to date on all marketing efforts. They do not have the personal funds to guarantee specific closing terms. However, if you decide to sell to an all cash buyer, you remove the potential for missed marketing opportunities.

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