Like many of us, you probably spend hours a day in traffic commuting to work. You have scoped out all of the alternatives like carpools, subways, and trains, but they all seem to take more time or cost more money than simply driving. Gas prices have been volatile and every time the prices start to spike, you find yourself wondering if it would be better to move closer to work and cut your commute. Here are some suggestions to help you know if moving makes sense for you.

Calculate Costs

To start, calculate the cost of your commute. The amount you spend each month on fuel will give you a quick idea of potential savings – But remember, there are more hidden costs to pay attention to. Don’t forget to include car payments, insurance, maintenance, and registration. At the very least your insurance company could cut down your monthly payments for driving less and at best you could move to a metropolitan area where you could get rid of the car all together. This may sound crazy, but there are many large cities in the US where it is a hassle to own your own car and better to just rent one on the rare event you need to travel long distances.

Beyond your transportation costs other major expenses can be evaluated in one of two ways. You can move to a comparable neighborhood with similar food, housing, and entertainment costs, giving you an extra boost to your savings; or, you can use the money you save to upgrade to a nicer home or neighborhood. Often times people find that they can get the home of their dreams closer to work because of the money they save by cutting their commute.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

All the amenities you have to weigh bring us to the next consideration, quality of life. You have to ask yourself if the amount of time and money you are saving is going to add to your overall quality of life. If you find yourself moving to a downtown area that lacks the open space, safe communities, and award-winning school districts that your family needs, then the money you save may improve your balance sheets, but not improve your lifestyle. On the other hand, if a bustling downtown full of exotic restaurants, art galleries, and live music is your idea of the perfect neighborhood, then you will definitely be making the most of the money and time you will be saving by moving closer to work.

The choice is going to be unique to every homeowner. Weigh the possibilities and make an evaluation based on the amount of time and money you can potentially save versus the comforts and amenities you gain or lose. This will give you a clear picture of whether or not moving is the right choice for you. It can be as simple as making a list with pros on one side and cons on the other. Once all the options are considered, often times the choice becomes obvious.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

If it sounds like moving closer to work to eliminate your commute is the right choice for you, then it is time to sell. You will need to get the most out of your home to ensure that your next house is the one that is right for you. This means painting, landscaping, remodeling, and upgrading. Plus, putting the home on the market means dealing with realtors and sometimes hiring stagers to get the job done.

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