Owning a home can be challenging – it is one of the biggest commitments an individual will make in their lifetime. And while moving and owning a home is a rewarding experience, the process itself is sometimes met with a little apprehension. Transitioning out of one’s old home can be tiresome and sometimes downright draining – not only for emotional reasons, but also due to the necessity of finding the right time for you and having that time coincide with a good, strong market.

All the pieces of the process need to fit together perfectly, right? Fortunately for anyone looking to move right now, many of those pieces are now falling into place seamlessly. The market in Baytown is currently in the favor of seller’s – inventory is low, mortgages are low, and selling prices are high. Now is the perfect time for any homeowner to take that leap into the next phase of their life.

Below we have outlined 9 reasons why now is the right time to sell your old home and purchase a new one:

  1. Inventory of Newly Constructed Homes is higher now than years previously. Following Hurricane Harvey, many homes were destroyed and decimated. The result: brand new homes were built.
  2. Stop with the Quick Fixes. If you have owned your home for an adequate amount of time – just like any tangible item – it may be starting to really show it’s wears and tears. You may be spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars just to keep the property running. With the current market, it is time to stop making quick fixes and move into something new. In the long run, you’ll be saving not only money, but time.
  3. Lower your Homeowners Insurance Rates. If a home has been through a hurricane – or two – homeowners insurance rates skyrocket. On the contrary, new homes offer the opportunity to lower your homeowners insurance rates. And in a location such as Baytown, homeowners insurance is a must! Why pay more when you can pay less for new?
  4. Become Energy Efficient. You may be losing money monthly due to utility costs. From the foundation up, new homes utilize an abundance of energy efficient characteristics – from the windows to the appliances. Go green – save money and the planet.
  5. Get Upgraded. Don’t spend money on upgrading your old school home. Take advantage of the market and buy a home that already has the installations completed. This will not only save you time, but also removes the headache of dealing with the contractors.
  6. Start Fresh. Depending on what life has thrown at you the last couples of years, it may be time for a fresh start. Surviving through the last few hurricane seasons alone has caused emotional damage on many. Get out of your old home, put the past in the past, and start new.
  7. Bring the Family Together. With the fresh start, and the new upgrades, you can move your family into an open concept home. Old homes are traditionally more closed off and create a separation in the home – which can be especially challenging when you wish to entertain. Make a change and open your home, bringing the family, and guests, closer together.
  8. Downsize, or Upsize. Whichever fits best for you. Often when an individual’s, a couple, or a family buy a home, they do so for that specific moment in their life. But depending on the stage they are currently in, their family size or needs may change. Stop paying for space you don’t need (or no longer fit in) and pick a place with space that fits your needs perfectly – in a brand new home.
  9. Get to the Neighborhood you want to live in. Stop sacrificing your happiness – you only live once and should live somewhere you love. Whether it is moving into the hip new trendy neighborhood or transitioning your kids to better schools, get out of your old home and move into that new one you’ve had your eye on today.

There are a variety of reasons to move – and if you are seeking any change, as mentioned above, this is the perfect moment to take advantage of the market. However, note that interest rates are rising, so it is time to make the move now. Marketing your home on the market can be a long process – causing doubt and anxiety about the transition. However, we here at Gulf State Homebuyers have a simple solution for you to get out of your old home and move into a new one today. We can provide you with an all cash offer with a quick close, so that you can get moving onto that next phase of your adventure. If you are interested in making a move, contact us today. We can provide you with a free assessment of your home’s value to see if this is the best decision for you!

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