Throughout different phases in your life you have more than likely had different perspectives on the idea of living near family. For those who are eighteen and getting out on their own for the first time, they experience excitement when they take that first step away from their home town. However, as we age, our desire to live away from family tends to decline. We start to realize the benefits of living near family. If you currently live away from your family, it may be time to consider moving closer to them. Here’s why: 

For Families

If you have children or are interested in starting a family, then moving closer to family can reduce financial and emotion stress. Having family nearby can:

  • Provide families a sense of security: If there is an emergency there will always be someone nearby you can trust to call in those moments.
  • Assist when you are on vacation: If you have pets or plants, or just a home that you protect, then having family nearby to check in on the home when you are on vacation can both ease your mind and save you money. Especially if you own pets! Pet sitters or sending your animals to the kennel can be a costly expense – often more than the vacation itself!
  • Offer safe and cheap child care! If you have children and are working or are just looking for a Friday night sitter, finding a reliable individual to meet your expectations can be challenging. Plus, child care services can run over $20 per hour these days!

As for the kids, they always appreciate living near family. Children who grow up near extended family are provided the opportunity to:

  • Form a closer bond with their grandparents. This is a healthy relationship to allow your children to have – giving them the opportunity to spend time with grandparents provides them the chance to learn life lessons they may have otherwise missed.
  • Grow up with their cousins who often act as brothers and sisters.

For Single Individuals

If you are single, then you may be reading this article and thinking that living away from family does not impact you as much. This however is the opposite of the truth – as a single individual (at any age), moving near family can actually increase your sense of satisfaction and happiness in life. You can be a part of your family’s unique social network, attend family gatherings, and have never ending support on your life’s endeavors.

For Retirees

Now, what about those entering into retirement? Well, this is the best news of all – as your age, living near family in a social environment helps improve your health! When you stay connected, get to spend time with grandchildren, and experience a sense of purpose, you can actually reduce your risk of getting certain diseases and improve your energy.

In addition, retirees may experience some of the same benefits as families. Seniors who live near family can benefit from having family members nearby in case of an emergency and they can have assistance to care for their house when they are taking a vacation; again, these factors can help save money!

Are You Ready To Move Near Family?

You may have read this and identified that it could be beneficial to move near family, but then the daunting thought came to your mind – “If I move I have to go through the process of selling my home!” This process can be long, expensive and tedious. It involves finding a real estate agent, providing opportunities for your agent to prepare marketing materials and host open houses, participating in negotiations, and paying for inspections – to name a few.

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