Have you been considering selling your home but uncertain whether it is the right time? Well, here’s the thing: there will never be a right time. Selling your home is life-changing and entails a variety of factors that need to be considered. However, if you are personally ready to sell, we are here to report that now is the time from a market perspective – selling your home in autumn brings a multitude of benefits. We understand that the decision to sell is not to be taken lightly – but at the same time, we want to encourage you to take advantage of your opportunity today.

Before we get started, let’s talk about why it could be risky to wait. Selling your home in winter can be challenging – families are focused on the holidays and do not want to spend their time managing financial challenges and moving. Instead, they want to be enjoying the time with their loves ones and spending their money on holiday goodies. This fact actually has a dramatic effect on local real estate markets – it means there are fewer buyers, creating less competition for sellers. Ultimately, housing prices decline at this time.

Now that we have examined why it is a bad idea to wait, let’s look at the benefits of selling NOW!

More Serious Buyers

For one, the pool of buyers shrinks in the fall. The summer months tend to bring excitement to individuals who are inspired by the beautiful summer weather. Unfortunately, many of the “potential” buyers during this season tend to be caught in the mood and are not serious buyers. Therefore, when fall begins, the hype ends, and so does the inflated buyer pool. What’s left? Serious buyers ready to make a move.

Less Competition

Selling your home in the fall may not be suitable for all – for those who have families or children returning to school, it may be too difficult to sacrifice that family time in the name of marketing your home and providing the flexibility for open houses. Additionally, many families are already preparing for the holiday season. With these personal obligations to manage, fewer people tend to sell their homes in the fall. How does this help you? With fewer homes available on the market, there is less competition, meaning you can sell your home at maximum value.

On the other hand, selling in autumn may also provide you with extra time to improve the home for increased value. As the kids are back in school, you can spend the days staging for sellers. Some studies indicate that appropriate staging can increase your home’s value by 5%!

Lower Repair Costs

Most homes are not ready for the market immediately after the seller has decided to sell. More often than not, the home has a multitude of repairs that need to be addressed. Fall generally brings better deals on repair tools and discounts on various services (as businesses try to maintain high revenue during an approaching slow season), giving you a reduction in expenses.

Better Time for You to Make Your Transition

After you sell your home, you will need to find a new place to reside. Consider this – as mentioned previously, moving in winter can save you money with reduced-price homes. Therefore, selling in fall can maximize your return by allowing you to sell high and buy low – the lucky trick of all successful real estate professionals!

Then, if you need any repairs, you will benefit from the same discount you found when you were selling your home.

Finally, selling and buying before 2019 may provide you with tax benefits! Consult with your accountant to see how this transition may affect your personally.

Quick Process

With all the above to consider, closing your home and moving into a new one can be expedited if you decide to sell now. As a bonus, some reports have even indicated the homes in Baytown spend fewer days on the market now compared to any other month in the year.

Are You Interested in Selling?

If you answered YES, it is time to get moving. Interest rates are rising, and experts are predicting a continued trend towards a buyer’s market. This means that the optimal time to gain the greatest benefit from selling your home is now.

To get started, contact us and we can complete an in-depth assessment of your home’s value. We can then offer you a competitive price and make the process even simpler. To make it even easier – we provide our clients with all cash offers! Don’t miss out or you may lose money in the future.

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