There is nothing better but to hear exactly what people have to say about doing business with you.  One of the most heartfelt testimonials we have ever received.


“Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you, but here we go.

The story I am about to share with you is one of God, our faith in God. A story of how, if you will allow Him to, God will bring very special people into your lives in he worst of time, especially when you least expect it. Such is the story of Camila Litton and Gulf State Home Buyers.

Our home of 34 years burned on April 11, 2018. A few days later I was contacted by phone by this cheery little voice on the other end of the line introducing herself as Camila Litton. She wanted to know if we would consider selling what was once our home, no matter what the condition. At the time, I was not sure what we were going to do with the house and shared that with Camila. But she was more than welcome to make me an offer if she wanted to. So, we agreed on a meeting time. The morning Camila was to meet me at the house she was punctual and on time. Being in sales most of my working career, punctuality has always been a good measuring tool as to how sincere someone is about what they are doing. After arriving at the house, we visited for a few minutes as I shared my story as to what had happened to our home and how devastated we were by not only the loss of our home but the loss of so many precious memories. Camila expressed her very compassionate and sincere sympathy regarding our home and our loss. As she examined the house it was evident that she was more than a little overwhelmed by our personal loss not to mention the financial loss. After Camila completed her inspection of the condition of the house and how devastated we must be. She thanked me for my time, again expressing her sympathy for our loss, saying that she would keep me and my family in her prayers and that she would get back to me with formal offer in a day or so. Within 48 hours Camila emailed me an offer. I immediately called her, expressing my appreciation for her prayers and her generous offer and shared with Camila that we still had not decided what we were going to do but, either way, I would get back to her when we made a decision.

Several days went by and I received a call from Camila wanting to know how “we” were do? Never once asking if we had made any decisions as to what our intentions were with the house, but to reassure me that me and my family were in her prayers daily. This continued for over a month. Never once did she ask the obvious question, although somewhere in the conversation I would usually share with her where we were in the decision-making process and where we were with the insurance company. I don’t recall exactly when it was that we finally decided we just couldn’t bear the thought of going through the process of rebuilding the house we called our home for so many years and were going to sell it. But when we did, decide I contacted Camila, sharing with her our decision to sell and asking her if the offer was still good, it was so I told her to draw up the papers that we had decided to sell the house to Gulf State Home Buyers (GSHB) as soon as we settled with the insurance company. In the months prior to finally deciding what we were going to do I had several other offers on the house, none of which would I consider strictly because of the sincere concern Camila showed for me and my family. The best I recall this was sometime in late June or early July. However, it was the week before Christmas, 2018 before we finally settled with the insurance company over the contents portion of the claim. The battle we had with the insurance company over the contents in the house was a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. However, in the five or so months that went by between verbally committing to sell to GSHB and actually being able to do so Camila rarely ever missed a week without calling, texting or emailing me to let me know she was still praying for us and to see how we were doing. Never once did Camila ever try to pressure me into closing on the house. Camila was extremely helpful, helpful to the point that when I mentioned I was having trouble recruiting help to remove the salvageable contents from the house, she volunteered to and did send a couple of her own construction crew over to spend the day helping me load and unload two trailer loads of contents in the storage facility we had donated to us. By the time we were finally able to close on the house our relationship grown to one of true friendship rather than a relationship of buyer-seller.

I/we look forward to maintaining our friendship with Camila through the coming years. A friendship that God created and will maintain if we will continue to pray for and care for each other. My family and I will continue to keep Camila, her family and Gulf State Home Buyers continually in our prayers.”


Ronnie Foster

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