Selling your home can be stressful no matter what time of year it is…and fall is no exception! This time of year marks the beginning of the holiday season, which introduces a growing number of events, parties, and family time commanding your attention clear through to winter. This time crunch can create some challenges for sellers and buyers alike, but it doesn’t mean fall is a bad time to sell. Here are some tips and tricks to help stage your house for fall and keep your home on the top of buyer’s minds despite all the distractions of the season.

The Basics

When staging your home at any time of year it is important to remember some staging 101. Your home needs to be like a blank canvas that potential buyers can picture their lives and their things fitting in. To create this effect, less is more. Clear the house of all personal knickknacks and décor, strip the walls, and clean everything from floor to ceiling. A fresh coat of neutral paint is a must for any home on the market. If the floors are worn, dated, or damaged, now is the time to replace them. Last, if you don’t have them already, get a new set of matching kitchen appliances. This simple investment instantly improves the look of any kitchen and will pay for itself when the home sells. For staging to be effective, no room can be left incomplete or else the buyers will have a lasting negative impression from the unfinished space.

As summer begins to fade away you don’t need to stop showcasing your homes bright airy spaces and open concepts. As fall comes into play, simply shift the interior a bit by bringing in some autumn colors, which can include various shades of yellow, orange, brown, blue, red, purple, black, blue, and magenta. Incorporate this color pallet with throw pillows and blankets or hanging wreaths. You can also switch rugs and bedroom linens to fit the autumn tones.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting impressions, so focusing on the curb appeal of your home is a must. Falling leaves are going to be the biggest struggle during this time of year. Remember to rake the leaves and hose off any social spaces to keep the yard clean and tidy. This will stop potential buyers minds from wandering to the yard work rather than admiring the outdoor spaces.

Add pops of color to draw attention to the entryway and to combat the effects of the fading greenery. Just as you do on the inside, add fall décor and accents to the front and back yards. Consider putting out pumpkins and tin pots with fall flowers or wheat. These extra touches will build potential buyers excitement to see the inside of the home!

Fall Décor is Great

Although you may be tempted to bring out the holiday decorations to increase the feeling of coziness in the home, don’t overcrowd the space. Remember: You want to keep the space open to give the interior a larger, open feel for the buyer. They will want to envision their belongings in your home, so keep your personal items to a minimum. Avoid overtly religious décor so that the home will appeal to the widest pool of buyers possible. Fall decorations lend themselves well to this. Find a few places to tuck pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, wheat, and corn decorations to highlight the season – Minimal, but noticeable.

When showing the home don’t be afraid to bring some of the fall season to life. If you have a fire pit, go ahead and light it. Let your potential buyers envision curling up next to the roaring flames. Showcase the best your house has to offer for hosting parties and events. Try staging a minibar in the living room or mock up a thanksgiving feast at the dining room table. Also, try lighting a few seasonal candles, just be careful not to overwhelm potential buyers with strong fragrances since some people can be very sensitive to smell; instead, you simply want to have a light scent of the season lingering throughout the house.

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