There are many different reasons to desire a home in a particular style, including layout, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular home styles for homebuyers in 2019.


Contemporary homes continue to be popular since their unique building styles can take on many different looks. Contemporary homes incorporate sleek clean designs with large windows and open spaces that connect with the outdoors. People gravitate toward the blending of historic elements and the attention to current lifestyle trends that these homes offer. These homes incorporate many of the smart home technologies that homeowners want. Contemporary homes tend to emphasize sustainability, energy efficiency, and the use of recycled, non-toxic materials. These are extremely important features for millennials who are beginning to enter the homebuying market – it’s a savvy move since contemporary homes give you a sleek stylish look with low energy and maintenance costs.


Mediterranean homes can make you feel like you are on vacation in Italy, France, or Spain. Home owners living in nice climates like California and Florida love them for the hacienda style layouts, usually with a central courtyard – However, they are popping up in suburbs everywhere. Entire communities in California are created in this style to create a timeless sense of elegance and culture. They welcome you home with a warm, historic, lived in look. The details like balconies, heavy wooden doors, multicolored tiles, and exposed wooden beams give these homes an extravagant feel that is flexible enough to fit anyone’s needs.

Ranch Homes

Ranch homes were originally modeled after rural Western ranches. Their one-story layout with an attached garage is probably the most common design in the United States. There are many reasons why this style home maintains its appeal. For starters, practicality and our cultures love affair with the car are the main focus of the ranch homes design. Another reason for the resurgence in popularity of this common design is that our aging population wants single story homes to give them a manageable house for retirement, while at the same time maintaining their freedom and independence. Families are seeking out ranch homes as well for the large backyards that usually accompany this type of home. These sprawling one-story houses offer space and privacy, plus their low-key design can be updated to fit anyone’s style.


Obviously if you can afford to own a historic townhouse in an amazing neighborhood like the heart of San Francisco, then the benefits are enormous. However, for the vast majority of us that is not an option. The townhome though is still one of the top designs for growing cities in 2019, and you may be surprised to hear that the reasons for its popularity are affordability and value. Townhomes can be built quickly and at a low cost, and they take up less valuable space; plus, they are typically centrally located in desirable parts of the city. This makes the Townhome an amazing value for homebuyers who want the privacy of a single-family home, but can’t afford the price. This also makes them a great fit for first time home buyers. Being built in convenient locations in major city centers makes these homes popular amongst working professionals as well, since they want to avoid a long commute. Many new townhouse developments come with all the amenities of a high-end apartment or condo like swimming pools, gyms, and parks, so they can offer a lot of value.

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