There has been a growing trend over the past decade to build larger homes with almost no yard. Obviously, there is a market for this type of home, but is it right for you? Before you turn your nose up at a potential homes small yard, let’s take a look at whether or not this particular style home is a better deal than you originally thought.

Here are the virtues of a tiny yard…

Larger Homes

Part of the reason for the small yard trend comes from the growing number of people who desire a larger home rather than a yard. People are also continuing to move towards urban centers where they will likely have no yard at all. If you are planning a move in the near future, the yard is going to be a major consideration; so, ask yourself a few questions to determine if you are willing to give it up in exchange for a bigger floor plan:

  • How often do you use your current outdoor space?
  • How much of the yard do you use on a regular basis?
  • Do your outdoor activities have to be at home or can they still be enjoyed in a public space, such as a park?
  • Which is more useful to your lifestyle, a yard or more space in the house?

Now ask yourself what you would be willing to give up if the cost savings of a small yard gave you larger and more usable indoor space. When you stop to consider it, even families with young children can go without a private outdoor space and take advantage of the larger house. Homes with extra bedrooms, bathrooms, bonus rooms, and larger kitchens are the result of the space taken from the size of the yard.

Less Maintenance

A smaller yard saves you time and money. Small outdoor spaces can be designed to have little or no maintenance. In fact, many owners of small yards simply install a deck, leaving potted plants as the only landscaping that requires attention. A small, easy to manage planter along the back wall is another common low maintenance layout. You could imagine that even with the most elaborate design possible in such a small space, there isn’t much room to add significantly to the time and money required for upkeep. Everything from water bills to paying for a gardener are eliminated or significantly reduced when you have a small outdoor space.

Better Location

Homes designed in this way came about to maximize the use of valuable real estate in more desirable neighborhoods and cities. This means that you can get the best value possible in a great area by sacrificing your yard. If your home is built in this style, then it is likely in an up-and-coming or highly sought after and established neighborhood. It is possible that you can improve your lifestyle with all the perks, including safety, entertainment, and shorter commutes, which typically come with nice neighborhoods that have small backyards.

Higher Home Value

Homes with smaller yards can still add great value to the overall selling price for several reasons. To begin with, as mentioned before, the trend is being seen in highly desirable neighborhoods where land values are steadily rising. This leads people to sacrifice the size of the yard in exchange for a larger house. Next, there is a growing number of homeowners who are just uninterested in a large backyard. This large population of homeowner’s enjoy a lifestyle in which the yard adds no value and/or they see the maintenance of the yard as an added unnecessary expense rather than an amenity. There are even situations where you have no responsibility for your front yard at all and the maintenance is included in the HOA. The result is a clean and well-maintained neighborhood that maintains its value.

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