The neighborhood that you raise your children in can have a large impact on their future. From the amenities that allow them to explore the outdoors, to the school and athletics programs that provide them a chance to attend a prestigious university – every aspect of your community can either give them a better future, or create a barrier that they must overcome.

With this is mind, it is imperative that when you are deciding to start a family, you review the pros and cons of every potential neighborhood and identify the one that best suits your needs. However, many people do not know what this checklist consists of – so let’s take a closer look.

Strong Community Network and Neighborhood Amenities

The first aspect to consider when picking out a neighborhood for your future is to identify what the community is like – are there programs that can allow you to get to know your neighbors such as activities at a local community center, or are there nearby parks or pools that you can walk to and enjoy on the hot summer days?  These bonuses to your neighborhood will not only provide your children with an array of events, but will also provide you as the parent the chance to meet like-minded people in your community and make friends.

Schools and Athletic Programs

Another factor to consider, specifically when you are selecting a neighborhood that is best for your children, is to review the neighborhoods school system and athletic programs. Depending on what your hopes are for your children’s future, this aspect can vary – some parents find it important to have access to the best pewee football league, while others are looking for schools that offer dual language programs. Identify your priorities and review the programs that each school district provides.


You may have a detailed checklist of what you do and do-not want for you future home and its community, however, the hard reality is that your financial status does not always match your list. Therefore, when assessing a community, you will want to look at the affordability of specific neighborhoods. In addition to looking at average values of homes, you will also want to look at details such as average price per square foot (especially if you are looking for a large home for that big family) and what amenities are included in the average homes (backyards, pools, open living areas, etc.). By identifying the most affordable neighborhoods you can start to narrow down your final selection.

Job Opportunities

Finding the best neighborhood for your family goes beyond looking for the children – it is also essential for your future and mental health as well. Not only do you want to select an area that has supplemental job opportunities, but you will also want to select one the minimizes your daily commute. Finding a stable job that can support your family and reducing the stress of the morning commute can actually improve your mental health, which ultimately allows you to better enjoy your time with family!


Last but not least, you want to consider the accessibility in both the neighborhood and in your future home. If you are currently living in a home that has a walk-up, lacks space for an expanding family, or is so busy with traffic that it could pose as a threat to children playing outside, you may want to consider a move. If you are just looking, these are some of the things you want to assess. Additionally, you can review what the sidewalks are like – do they provide room for you to get your daily exercise – and, what will accessibility be like during all four seasons? Fortunately though for those living in Baytown, the seasons will not impact you too much!

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