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There are many reasons seniors should consider selling their homes and switching to a house that is more suited to fit their needs. Last week we discussed 5 reasons seniors should sell their homes. They were: 1) Move to a smaller home and travel; 2) Stop wasting time on maintenance; 3) Get upgraded with the most recent tech solutions; 4) Sell your home and move to your dream location; and, 5) Move to a walkable community. We felt that there were so many good alternatives for seniors that we needed to bring you more reasons that they should move to a new home. Let’s explore 5 more reasons seniors would be better off selling their home.

  1. Get two homes for the price of your old home!

When you own your home in retirement you have a lot of options. Though you may have been tempted to up and move to a tropical paradise, perhaps family, friends, and neighbors were too important to leave behind. So, why not give yourself the best of both worlds by buying a smaller, more manageable home close to friends and family, and using the extra money to get a vacation home or apartment in the destination of your dreams. Now you can be building equity in a second home away from home rather than spending half your vacation budget on a hotel.

  1. Go to warmer weather!

If you don’t feel tied to your current home now that all the kids have moved away, moving to nicer weather is a real possibility. Seniors get more uncomfortable in cold weather as they age, which is why warm destinations like the deserts of California, Nevada, and Arizona, or the tropical climates of Florida and Hawaii, have become national hotspots for retirees. Since we are not the first to come up with this brilliant idea many of these communities are already built with active seniors in mind. They offer a huge variety of activities and events catered to enjoying the warm weather to its fullest.

  1. Find a fixer-upper! (For active seniors!)

Let’s face it! Seniors are just more active and healthier than they used to be. Hobbies and light work around the house are not only recommended, but often enjoyed by people in all stages of retirement. It helps them keep their days busy and their minds and bodies active. That is why selling your home and moving to a fixer upper could be right for you. If this sounds like you, then it is a great way to enjoy the hobby you love and affordably get into the neighborhood of your dreams at the same time.

  1. Move closer to family!

This may be opposite of the retirement in the tropics that we mentioned before, but the truth is that family is important. Over time families can get spread apart as they follow careers and spouses to new areas. With your new-found freedom in retirement there is nothing stopping you from moving to be closer to them. Having family nearby is great for a number of reasons, like getting to spend more time with grand kids, saving money on travel expenses during the holidays, and getting help with doctor’s appointments. Interacting with family also does wonders for senior’s mental health, providing them with a valuable sense of connection and wellbeing that long-distance phone conversations simply can’t provide.

  1. Move to a senior community!

This may sound obvious, but many times people overlook the benefits of moving to a senior community. However, moving to a senior community can be the all in one solution you are looking for in retirement. These can be as big as a small city built entirely with seniors in mind. Not only are the layouts of these communities walkable and usually golf cart friendly, they are loaded with every form of entertainment imaginable. Retirement communities offer an endless calendar of events to supplement the golf courses, tennis clubs, equestrian facilities and other luxurious amenities available to keep their residents active. You are sure to find a neighborhood full of new friends with all the comforts you need as you age just a stone’s throw away from your new home.

If you are a retired senior or approaching retirement, and you are interested in learning more about your options for selling your current home and moving, contact us today! We are all-cash home buyers located in Baytown, and we are interested in helping you live your best life in retirement!

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