Have you recently purchased a home and discovered that it was in fact not the right home for you? Or are you considering buying your first home and fearful that you may purchase the wrong home? Unfortunately, this happens more than we would like to report. Individuals get excited about specific attributes of a house and make a rash decision to purchase. Then, after they have moved in, they discover that they have made a huge mistake!

We want to help you avoid making this mistake…and provide you a solution if you have already realized that you made this blunder!

How To Avoid This Mistake…

We have worked with dozens of clients in the Houston area who have reported that they identified after they purchased their home that there was something about the house that did not fit their needs. Here are the four most common errors reported:

  1. The neighborhood was not what they expected.

There is an extensive amount of research that homeowners conduct before moving into a home – what the neighborhood is like, how the school systems rate, and what the crime rate is. Unfortunately though, there are certain aspects to moving that cannot be researched – one in particular is the behavior of your neighbors. Some may be extremely noisy or throw parties often. To avoid moving into a neighborhood that does not meet your expectations, always talk with the neighbors before the purchase – that is, ask them how they enjoy living on the street, how quiet and/or loud the streets get at night, and any other question that may be specific to your wants of a certain community.

  1. The design is not for them.

When assessing your future home there is usually a long check list of the wants, must-have’s, and no-ways. However, it is extremely challenging to find a home that meets all of your criteria. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you most likely have to make some sacrifices on your checklist – and the most common one that people report to sacrifice is the layout. More often than not they think to themselves that they can deal with the layout – say for a fabulous view or a built-in pool. This is not a mistake to be made! You will spend a majority of your home life in your home, so selecting a home that has the layout of your dreams is crucial. If you are on the lookout for a new home, place this item at the top of your checklist!

  1. They chose the fixer-upper.

Over the last two decades fixer-uppers have been on the rise – these are homes that can be purchased at a lower price point but need some repairs, maintenance, and remodeling. Thanks to home improvement shows such as “Property Brothers,” “Flip or Flop,” and “Queer Eye,” thousands of Americans are jumping into purchasing fixer-uppers with the expectation that they will renovate just as they saw on television. Though, many people who adopt this mentality are truly unaware of the financial burden and time commitment that goes into renovating a home. Before taking the leap into one of these huge projects, be sure that you complete all necessary inspections and get a contractor’s opinion on how much the improvements will cost and how long they should take – this can give you a better timeline and budget of what to expect.

  1. They overlooked inspections.

What if you found a home that you loved and you allowed the seller to give you his or her word that the property was in prime condition? Many homebuyers do just this – they overlook the need to have all inspections completed prior to close. They assume that because the home is newly built or newly renovated, the issues can’t be that bad. This is a major assumption when making a house purchase. If you are in the process of purchasing a new house, confirm that all inspections have been completed before you close escrow! These mistakes can be extremely costly, especially if a problem with the foundation is uncovered.

What To Do If You Regret Your Purchase?

For those that are in the market to purchase a home they have the ability to review this list and ensure that they don’t make these mistakes. But, what about those individuals who have already purchased their home and then realized that they made a mistake?

Thankfully, there is a way out – sell to an all-cash buyer. We here at Gulf State Homebuyers purchase homes in any condition – we also purchase homes of all designs and in all the neighborhoods surrounding the Houston area. We provide homeowners with competitive offers and a simple solution to getting out of their unwanted home – watch now to learn more, or contact us today and speak with a representative on how we can help you get out quickly!

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