Have you recently received a pay raise and are considering moving into a larger home? In the past, bigger was better. However, in recent years there has been a change in trends – more and more families are looking for smaller homes that simply fit their needs. They are shifting their demands from wanting a large, spacious home that is fit to host a party for the extended family, to a smaller home that is equipped with just the essentials. As a homeowner, you may be confused because you were raised to believe that bigger is better; so, let’s take a look at why many families today are changing their demands.


Minimalist design is a huge trend for home styles right now because the style promotes an open floor plan that feels bigger than it really is. Minimalism also uses creative design features to maximize all the available space in the house. This can give you all the storage space and room for entertaining that a larger standard home design can, but in a smaller footprint.

New homes are also being constructed with minimalism in mind because clean, uncluttered spaces give residence a sense of calmness; this is because the cleanliness, lack of material items, and overall sense of less stuff reduces a person’s anxiety, which benefits the whole family’s mental health.


Homebuyers entering the market have expressed a significant change in the way they choose to spend their money. Many of them are opting to buy less stuff and smaller homes in exchange for more vacations and experiences. It goes without saying that the smaller your home is, the less expensive it is too. Living in a smaller home has a long list of money saving advantages so you can use the extra cash for experiences rather than a mortgage.


People downsize to smaller homes for reasons other than the desire to spend on experiences. Though many of the reasons are financial, there are few that are not related to saving money. In fact, saving time and energy tops the list for reasons that a small home is better. Small homes simply require substantially less upkeep; therefore, people who want to avoid working on their home and yard every weekend seek out houses that are small.

The next most popular reason people desire a small home is for retirement. As people settle into retirement, they start looking at ways they can get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. This can mean many things, including finding a home that will remain practical and comfortable as they age. Large two-story houses are just more than most people in retirement want to hassle with, so they will often downsize even though they can comfortably afford the larger home they were previously living in.


Location can be the main deciding factor in the price of a home. This means that if you must have a large house, you may be pushed further out into the suburbs or even into a neighboring city to get the house you desire. It is quite possible that when you take into consideration all the time and money you will save by buying a smaller home in a better location, you could forget all about the extra space you thought you needed. The commute alone is worth calculating, and this isn’t only the commute to work. When you start taking a look at how far away other things like dining and entertainment are, you may end up losing money and enjoying life less. It makes the big house up on the hill seem isolated and less desirable when it’s too far away from everything to be enjoyed. Take a look at the absolute necessities to see if you gain more than you give up with a small house in a great location.

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