Upgrading your home is considered to be a sure-fire way of increasing the value of your house. Here are some of this year’s most popular DIY projects that will help you sell your home quicker and at a higher closing price!

Indoor Paint and Trim

This is one of the first things any realtor will tell you when prepping your house to sell. Remove all wallpaper and paint the rooms in light and neutral tones. This will make your house into a blank slate, allowing potential home buyers to picture their lives and belongings in the new space. The upside is that bright white spaces are in fashion and make your home feel light and airy, so get out your painters’ tape and give your home a quick and easy DIY makeover with a fresh coat of paint.

If you have a bit more skill, adding trim, crown molding, chair rails, and other accents to the walls can really transform a room, making the space feel more elegant, intriguing, or simply larger with higher ceilings.

Curb Appeal

Cleaning up the yard can change the appearance of the entire property for the better. Not only can it increase the value of the home when selling, but effective planning can also allow you to put together a yard that saves money and requires less maintenance overall.

To get started, clean up and clearly define the planters with some trim – this will give the house a fresher and more defined look in the yard. Also, use fewer plants with a ground covering like wood chips or gravel to prevent weeds and keep the yard looking less cluttered. Potted plants can also provide a clean and crisp look, plus they are a quick and easy way to provide some seasonal colored flowers. By flanking a walkway or entryway, pots can give the property structure and a nice focal point. A bonus: Pots and plants can all be easily hooked up to drip irrigation and a timer to save you time and money on your water bill.

Pavers, bricks, and gravel walkways can also make great DIY projects for the yard. They come in multiple styles and can be as large or as small of a project as you would like. Small patio areas add great value to outdoor spaces. Upgrading side yards, pathways to garden sheds, or any muddy, overgrown, and neglected part of the yard with hardscape keeps the garden looking sharp and well maintained, which translates into extra dollars when the time comes to sell.

As for the exterior of the home itself, a fresh coat of paint may be all you need to add tremendous value. This may not always be a DIY project, but if it is within your level of skill to give your home a new look, this will absolutely improve the selling price of the house. Moss green, yellows, and combinations of earth tones are very popular for 2019, so maybe choose the one you feel fits the neighborhood best.


Tile may seem intimidating, but with even a little bit of skill you can DIY any small space with new tiles. Small bathroom floors are easy to do and make a good place to give tile a try for the first time. They are forgiving to little mistakes and small blemishes that would be obvious in a large room or hallway. Upgrading to tile from cheap vinyl or linoleum will have an amazing impact on the style, elegance, and of course, the value of the bathroom. Once you have some confidence you can apply your new-found skill to any part of the house you feel needs a classy upgrade.

Want to Avoid DIY Projects?

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