A successful business is not one that purely focuses on financial gain, but one that is also dedicated to the growth and development of its community. We here at Gulf State Homebuyers do just that – through our referral and mentorship programs, we provide our community alternative opportunities to gain financial wealth and become educated in the real estate industry.

Who We Are

We are an all cash home buying company located in Baytown, Texas. We specialize in purchasing homes from all over Houston and in the surrounding areas. With our all cash offers, we provide our clients the opportunity to close on their homes quickly – no need to hassle with hiring a real estate agent, marketing your home, or worrying about closing fees. With no obligation and no unexpected fees, we provide residents in the area with a free home evaluation so that they can determine if selling their home is the best option for them. Not only do we purchase homes in good condition, but we also purchase damaged and inherited homes as well. Over the last 12 years, we have continued to build our services in hopes that we may best serve our community. Through the years, we have identified two additional ways we could bring potential to our community, so we implemented new programs within our company:

Our Referral Program

The real estate industry is all about making connections and building trust. With these skills, agents are able to make a profit off of assisting both home buyers and sellers. But why does this opportunity for income need to be restricted to real estate professionals? We don’t believe it does.

This is why we offer our community a simple referral program – a way to gain income just by referring a friend to us. We understand that an individual’s network is a web of opportunity – and we don’t want you to miss one! As real estate agents, we are firm believers in assisting clients as they build for their futures, whether or not they personally have a home to sell.

If you know someone who may be interested in selling their home, you may have a chance to make some extra money. Remember, we buy all types of homes – inherited, wind or rain damaged, foreclosed, and many more. Don’t just take our word for it, but listen how our other clients earned from our referral program:

  • Jane Porterfield: Jane sold us her home. Following the process, she was very happy with our services, so she referred a friend. After her first check for selling her house, she received a second check just for telling her friend about us!
  • Katie Hargraves: Katie heard how great out customer service was, so she referred a friend – not long after, she received a check!
  • Larry Barnes: Larry profits from referring properties to us that he sees while he is driving. He identifies a vacant home, and if they sell to us, he gets a check!

These are only three of our recent customers. If you want to get in on the benefits of our referral program, it’s simple. Just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Log onto our website referral page here
  2. Fill out the referral sheet: Include your full name, email, and phone number, as well as the property address you are referring
  3. Wait for us to evaluate the property
  4. If the homeowner sells, you’ll receive a check in the mail!

Our Mentorship Program

Not only do we provide our community with the chance to build wealth through referrals, but we also provide individuals with education and expertise.

President of Gulf State Homebuyers, Dwayne White, has a passion for and dedication to helping other succeed. Through mentorship, he has assisted individuals in becoming the top real estate investors in the Houston area. Dwayne himself is from the local area, so who better to mentor individuals seeking business in the Baytown/Houston area than a successful native? Dwayne has changed lives through his mentoring and continues to build his own business along the way too.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get into the real estate industry, or more specifically, are looking for a mentor, we are here to help.

Gulf State Homebuyers

We are dedicated to providing clients with top notch services. If you live in the Baytown area and are interested in selling your home, referring a friend and/acquaintance, and/or entering into our mentorship program, call or email us today. We will get you set up with a professional who can help change your future.

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