Halloween decorations are starting to become as extravagant as Christmas decor. It’s not uncommon to find whole streets decked out in grisly styles from creepy graveyards to zombie apocalypse. So, in the spirit of the holiday here are some clever ideas to haunt your house for Halloween!

The Yard

The graveyard is a classic Halloween theme for anyone with a lawn. You can get as elaborate as you want using funny/creepy headstones, ghouls that appear to be digging out of the ground, or even ghosts that pop out to scare unwitting trick-or-treaters. For yards with a bit more shrubbery there is an endless supply of purple and orange twinkle lights that can be tucked along the sidewalk or pathways to set the mood. Our favorite are the lights in the shape of scary eyes that appear to be peeking out from behind the bushes – they are sure to give onlookers the unsettling feeling of being watched. If your yard has plenty of trees, arachnophobia could be your perfect theme! Nothing makes people more squeamish than trees full of webs and giant spiders.

Your Front Door

The front door is usually the centerpiece of a haunted house. To create the ambiance of a spooky Transylvania night, replace light bulbs with flickering candle bulbs and place a strobe light near that front door which mimics lightning, then top it off by playing some creepy music to set the mood. Cob webs are also a must if you want to make your haunted house convincing. In the entryway keep up the theme with white sheets over some furniture and a few lit candles in view. As for costumes., we still like answering the door as the classic witch or vampire, but if you’re in the mood then go crazy, it’s Halloween!

The Garage

If you really want to up the ante on your Halloween game, use your garage as a mini haunted house. The garage makes the perfect setting for frightening mazes and terrifying laboratories. The sky is the limit when it comes to dreaming up grewsome experiments for a mad scientist. Plus, daring trick-or-treaters can test their courage by sticking their hands in a bowl of eyeballs (peeled grapes) or worms (gummy worms tossed in vegetable oil). Get creative and have fun!

The Driveway Party

If you want to be in on all the action just have a get together in front of your house. Invite friends and neighbors to dress up and throw a Halloween themed party right out on the driveway or front lawn. The driveway can be a great Area 51 or UFO crash sight. Who knows what strange alien equipment is hiding under that car cover? If you have an RV it can double as party headquarters and conspiracy theory home base for your UFO themed partygoers. You won’t have to keep getting up to answer the door because the trick-or-treaters will come straight to you.

Halloween is a great time to get creative, get together with friends and family, and most importantly to have a fun and safe evening with the kids. Remember to be aware of traffic and use glow sticks, reflectors, and flashlights when trick-or-treating with the little ones. Keep steps and other trip hazards well lit when decorating your property. Also, keep open flames from candles and jack-o’-lanterns at a safe distance or use LED replacements to eliminate the risk of costumes catching fire. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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