When you set out to purchase your first home, you were most likely faced with an array of decisions related to what amenities you had to give up to afford that first house. That initial step is a huge financial commitment for anyone; and, unless you have endless access to capital, there were specific aspects of the home that that you had to sacrifice for your first purchase. Maybe it was that extra bedroom for an office, that backyard where you wanted to install a treehouse, or the extra bathroom so that guests could have easy access from the communal areas – Whatever it was, it is now time to transition out of that first purchase and upgrade to the home of your dreams.

How Can You Do This?

Many are unaware of the benefits of owning your own home. As you own your home and make payments on your mortgage, you are building your equity. This means that you have access to capital that thousands of other Americans only dream of. And, good news for you – owning a home usually helps you build capital quicker than a savings account, thanks to the appreciation on your home.

So, to answer this question simply – you can use the capital from your current home as a down payment on your next home! This amount will most likely equate to more than the amount you saved for your first down payment, which means that you can select more features for a new home (you will have a higher budget!). Here are some of the most common reasons why our clients sold their home and upgraded to a new one:

  • Move to a bigger home. Is your family growing or do you want an office? Move into a larger space.
  • Upgrade amenities. Don’t waste time and money on upgrades when you can buy a home that already has the highest quality ones installed.
  • Move closer to work. Stop wasting time on your daily commute and allow yourself to spend more time with family and friends.
  • Move to a new school district. Make sure your kids get the best education!

What Is The Next Step?

If you are ready to take that leap and transition into that home that you always dreamt of, then it is time to sell your current home. There are two options to consider when selling your current home:

  • Sell on the market via a real estate agent.
  • Skip the hassle! Sell directly to an all-cash buyer.

You must remember the challenges that you faced when purchasing a home – working tirelessly with a real estate agent until you found that perfect home that you could afford. Well, when you are looking to make the switch from you first home to your second home, you are faced with the unfortunate situation of working with a real estate agent…twice! Once to sell your current home and once to buy your next home. However, we have created a way to make this process simpler by removing the necessity of selling your home via a real estate agent.

We buy homes from first time homeowners, such as yourself, at competitive prices. We buy homes that are in all conditions, as-is, and we can close on any home in as quickly as five days. Plus, our process is simple! Once you contact us, we will have one of our qualified staff meet you at your home. They will assess the value of the home and make you an offer that same day! We have worked in the industry for years, so we have an extensive understanding of the value of homes, ensuring that we make you a deal that will help you step into that new dream home. If you accept the offer, we draft all the paperwork – this means that there are no closing fees, attorney fees, or agent fees that you will be responsible for.

What If You Still Owe Money On The Home?

Not a problem. We understand that most homeowners purchase homes by taking out a mortgage, typically extended out to 30 years. There are few people that own their homes outright – and by the time they own it, they are entering retirement. We want to help you get into that second home before it’s that time. So, we take into consideration your remaining balance on your loan and can work with your bank to assess the optimal situation to help you get the capital in your pocket to make your next purchase.

Are You Ready?

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