Buying a home is a huge commitment and you certainly don’t want to settle down in a new house only to discover that it’s under the flight path of the nearest air force base. Picking the right area or neighborhood to accommodate all that you want in a new home can be difficult and stressful. The search can be very time consuming, taking up countless weekends and slowly wearing you down. So, how do you know that your next home is going to be in a neighborhood that’s right for you?


You put in all the work to narrow down the best house, now it’s time to evaluate the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are no easy shortcuts to getting to know the area that could be your future home. Visit the neighborhood several times and at different times of day to ensure that you aren’t missing anything that could be a deal breaker, such as nearby water treatment facilities that were down wind on your first visit. Also drive the back streets to see that the quality of the area remains consistent. You don’t want to discover an industrial park just blocks from the house that could be a breeding ground for crime. Last and most important, talk to your future neighbors. They will be more than willing to give you the honest scoop on the neighborhood and give you invaluable insight to the feeling of the area.

Consider your Commute

Spending time and money just getting to and from work can add up quick. Take into consideration how much time you are spending on the road, your access to public transportation, and your added fuel costs when deciding on a neighborhood that accommodates your career. You may discover that nicer areas closer to your work end up being affordable when you have minimal travel costs. Other important factors that people can overlook are the amount of time and distance involved before reaching the freeway, subway, or train – we recommend you map it out and make sure you are not swapping one expense for another. The last thing to consider before grabbing a home that looks like a good deal but is out in the boonies is the distance to your favorite outdoor activities, recreation, and hobbies. If you find yourself traveling to a certain location for fun every weekend like the beach or the lake, you might want to take this into account because it can add unexpected travel costs to your entertainment budget.

Remember the Internet

The internet is a powerful tool, so take advantage of your computer and let your fingers do the walking. Nearby shopping, gyms, and schools are very common searches, but with the power of the internet you will be able to find your nearest UFO Hunters Club with just the click of a mouse. Search out all the amenities that are specific to your personal interests and make a list. This will help see which one of your top homes has the most extras in the area that you are considering. There may even be one home that stands out from the rest, making your final decision easier than you thought. Also remember to check ratings and reviews – this will tell you right away if you are going to end up driving to the gym across town because the one around the corner smells funny.

Time to Sell

Now that you found a home in the perfect neighborhood, it’s time to sell and get out of your old house and into the new. In actuality your home should be on the market while you are looking and timing can be tricky. You could end up selling your home early and land in the precarious situation of being between homes. Even worse your home lingers on the market leaving you without the down payment for your next property while all the good deals slip through your fingers. But what if we told you there is a better way…When you find the home in the neighborhood of your dreams sell your home to an all cash buyer.

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