Going green is big talk and big business these days. There is the obvious need to keep the only planet we call home clean and safe for future generations, but there are many other reasons to support this trend as well. The eco-friendly movement has picked up so much speed that every aspect of our lives seems to be affected by it. Everything from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive are becoming more environmentally conscious.

So, it goes without saying that our homes are now being looked at in exactly the same way. New homes are heavily influenced by contemporary eco-friendly design. The layout, construction materials, and new technology are making these homes remarkably efficient, which is not only great for the environment, but your pocket book as well. Efficiency equals lower utility bills, ultimately saving eco-friendly homeowners thousands of dollars each year.

However, most homeowners live in homes that are more than 20 years old and were not built with climate change in mind. The question here is whether or not it is worth the time and money to upgrade your home to be more environmentally sound.

When to Say “No” to Upgrades….

Like many of us, your house is probably in perfectly livable condition. Though it may be older, all of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), windows, insulation, lighting, and appliances in the house work great. So, why would you want to fix something that isn’t broken?

To get the best answer you may need to consider when you plan to move next. For homeowners who are going to stay in one place for a while, or indefinitely, eco-friendly upgrades won’t always add up. In this scenario it is usually best to wait until something in the home needs repair or replacement. For example, it is more harmful to the planet to throw out a perfectly good washer and dryer just to upgrade to newer eco-friendly models. This is because it will take years for you to recover the cost of the new appliances from reduced energy bills, not to mention the waste of throwing out the perfectly good old ones.

When to Say “Yes” to Upgrades….

If you are planning renovations and upgrades for your own enjoyment, this is the perfect time to incorporate eco-friendly technology and materials. In fact, smart home tech is usually the easiest upgrade to install in a home and has a great return on investment. This is because any new appliance installed most likely has the technology to connect to your devices – for example, the air conditioning and lightbulbs. By using such technology, you can control when these devices are on or off, ensuring that you are being efficient with your energy use.

For homeowners who are planning to move, eco-friendly upgrades are almost a necessity. For the majority of homebuyer’s energy efficiency and eco-friendly features rank very high on their list of must haves in a home. As you begin to prepare your house to sell, you will want to incorporate as many environmentally conscious amenities as possible. Even though using more eco-friendly materials can be costly, the investment will pay off in the final sale of the house. Featuring a home packed with new energy efficient appliances and smart home tech is enough to get attention. Plus, if you highlight natural materials like wood and stone in any upgrades the home is sure to sell quicker. The bottom line is that any eco-friendly features you add to the home when you are preparing it to sell are sure to pay for themselves and then some when it comes to the final sale price.

Skip the Upgrades and Sell Quickly….

If you are planning on selling your house and adding eco-friendly features sounds too expensive and time consuming, we have a solution for you. Sell your house to an all-cash buyer. At Gulf State Homebuyers, we buy homes in any condition so there is no need to worry about upgrading to sell. We simply conduct our own free, no obligation appraisal and make you an offer on the very same day. Our offers are very competitive, especially when you consider all the time and money you save by skipping the eco-friendly upgrades. If you like our offer, just sign your name and you are free to go find the new eco-friendly home of your dreams!