It’s true, the holidays are a very busy time of year. With the kids out of school and parties to attend there never seems to be left over time for anything extra, let alone selling a home. So, do homes sell during the holiday season? When it comes to real estate, the ideal time to sell your home is in the spring. This is because many buyers want to be settled in their home before the start of a new school year. However, putting your house up for sale around the holidays has its benefits.

This season is going to bring only the most serious buyers. In real estate, properties will always move, it’s just a matter of how fast. This can depend on how many homes are on the market –

more homes mean more competition which can leave your house sitting on the market for a while. For whatever circumstances, some people simply need to sell over the holidays, and some buyers have to buy a home during the holidays. It’s up to you to take advantage and make the most out of selling during this slower season.

To start, lower inventory during the holidays makes homes sell more quickly. As we mentioned, there is simply less competition and this can work to your advantage in several situations. Data suggests that homes sold around the holidays command a higher price due to the increased demand caused by low inventory. This can also be a great time to list a home that has some imperfections or needs an upgrade or two. This is because in the spring inventory picks up, and your home could get pushed to the bottom of the showing list – only the top homes in the best neighborhoods are going to sell quickly. Bottom line: Most homes listed in the fall sell quicker than homes on the market at the height of real estate season.

We also mentioned that anyone who is shopping for a new home around the holidays is likely to be a serious buyer. In the spring and summer many Americans will pop into open houses out of curiosity or even entertainment, daydreaming about what they would do if they were to move into the home, but with no intention to buy. During the holidays however, they aren’t going to spend their precious time looking at homes unless they have a real need to buy. If someone is looking at your home in the fall and winter months, chances are they are serious and ready to pull the trigger.

Career professionals can represent a large portion of the serious buyers towards the end of the year. This is because around this time many companies announce restructuring and transfer plans. Employees who get notified of a transfer are going to need a house on short notice and as a result, will be hunting for a new home during the holidays.

Tax breaks are another reason home buyers during the holiday season are highly motivated. There are some major tax benefits available that can be taken advantage of only if your home sale closes before December 31st. The deductions can be significant and include the mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan. These tax deductions are significant enough to prompt many home buyers to move during the holidays instead of waiting until the spring.

Nobody wants their home to sit on the market or even worse to have to lower their asking price because they have to sell during a slow time of year. The holidays can be stressful and throwing home sales into the mix is the last thing people want to do when they would rather be celebrating with family and friends or snuggling up next to a cozy fire. If you are faced with the challenge of selling during the holidays season, we have the solution for you. Sell to an all-cash buyer! We are Gulf State Homebuyers, and we buy homes all cash, all year, any season, and in all conditions. Skip the hassle this holiday season and sell your home at a competitive price before you invest in repairs, upgrades, brokers fees, and all the other wasted time and money that goes into selling your home. We just do a free, no-obligation home appraisal and make you an offer that same day. If you like what you hear, we can close in as little as five days, it’s that easy! Contact us today and have a happy holiday season this year!