Fall and winter are perfect times of year to give your home a bit of a makeover. Here are some clever design tips to give your home a minor makeover for the season.

Go All Neutral

One great way to stylishly update a room is to use lots of neutral tones. Neutral design has been a trend for quite some time and it lends itself well to the accent colors of both fall and winter, so you won’t have to update twice. Use a mixture of oatmeal tones on walls, upholstery, and rugs to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Complete the look with some organic-shaped lighting as a focal point and some natural wood accent furniture, like coffee and end tables. You can also add some interest to a neutral color pallet by introducing the high contrast of black and white to the room.

Another secret to pulling off neutral design is to incorporate multiple textures. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of life, the trend uses soft textures, organic shapes, and natural materials to create a comfortable, cozy, and soothing atmosphere. Incorporate wool, cotton, linen, alpaca, or leather in your design scheme. These materials are healthy, cleanable, and breathable; plus, they age beautifully and are perfect for combating the chill of fall and winter.

Black is Back

Well, it never really left. Black has continued to be a hot trend in design over the past few years and this fall and winter is no exception. As we mentioned, black accents pair perfectly with neutral designs. They also work great for creating a sleek and elegant modern design. Neutral colors are the ideal background for preventing the space from becoming too dark.

For a bigger design upgrade, it is becoming increasingly popular to use black as the primary color in the kitchen. This fall is seeing an uptick in brave bold design, and black kitchens are just one of the current trends enjoying the spotlight. Black adds sophistication, drama, and depth to the kitchen, especially when highlighted by metallic accents and well-positioned lightning, which is essential for lighting up such a dark color scheme. The important key to pulling off a black kitchen is to have balance. Black cabinets and appliances, for example, must be balanced by light ceilings, walls and floors. The finished effect is sure to give you the most stylish kitchen in the neighborhood.

Use Bold Wallpaper

For a more daring design choice to battle the cold, try some large print or patterned wallpaper. There is a large selection of colors and patterns to choose from, giving you an endless combination of designs to brighten the room. Green and yellow are both trending for the fall, as it should since yellow is one of the most cheerful colors on the spectrum. Green is popular right now and lends itself perfectly to the botanical large-scale print trend. You can bring perpetual summer into your home with some palm print wallpaper. Plus, if wallpaper is too much of a commitment, there are plenty of peel and stick options available to ensure you never have to deal with the hassle of taking wallpaper down!

Make a Statement

Adding a statement piece can be the quickest and easiest way to change the look and feel of a room. It’s all about creating a focal point – sometimes you just need to add a unique light fixture, bold colored sofa, or an oversized work of art to get the desired effect. Not only are statement pieces a great way to bring a room together and add visual interest, they make great conversation pieces as well.

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