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Bill Metz Testimonial

I was forced into a situation that I wasn’t comfortable with that required me to sell the house fast.  The guys at Gulf State guys made the experience very easy and I have no regrets. It was very quick too.  It was an unanticipated sell and one that I was really worried about to begin with.   Camila was very professional and always kept me up to date. She was very personable – I didn’t feel like I was a number.  Overall, this was a very good experience and I would recommend Gulf State Homebuyers to anyone wanting to sell their home and fast.

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Thank you so much Debra!


We just love hearing what our sellers have to say about their experience!  Here is what Debra Martin-ez had to say about her experience selling us her home.

“This Company has been a Godsend for me. I have been having to deal with all the business at hand pertaining to my parents and their eldercare and getting all their assets in order and liquidated. Gulf States has helped me with 2 properties so far and has provided a more than fair settlement. I still have more business to take care of and intend to utilize Gulf States again if the need arises . This group was more than accommodating in assisting me and my busy schedule dealing with my parents. All members of Gulf State that I had the pleasure of meeting displayed the most professionalism I have seen in a long time. Thanks again Camila for all your assistance.”

Can you afford to sell your home to anyone else?  Why not sell your home today and we can show you why we are the best in the business!

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Welcome to the family Richard Pena

Welcome to the family Richard Pena, it was a pleasure!


I was very pleased with the explanation from Gulf State Homebuyers and more specifically Camila and her interest in purchasing my home under the extenuating circumstances. Also, I was pleased with the promptness of communication and relevant information regarding the selling and buying process. I felt like I was treated fairly and any concerns I had were addressed promptly. Even though Camila is a Houston Texans fan, I would absolutely recommend this business as a source for home selling options.

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We are so thankful for our seller Marilynn Mijangos

Look what Marilynn Mijangos had to say about seller her house to us!

Camila was great! She always responded back Immediately. The turn around from the first day I met her to close was less than a month! They are on top of their game, quick, knowledgeable, professional and friendly! Camila kept me informed the entire time and was very upfront and honest. Best decision I made!

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We love our realtor DJ!

DJ is our Realtor and when her friend, Marilynn, approached her about her situation, DJ immediately told her about our company and what we could do to help her. DJ always helps bring in business and has recommended us time and time again. We love our Realtor!

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