Summertime is here and this is undoubtedly the time of year when a backyard gets the most use. It’s inevitable that the first thing that comes to mind with summer is the outdoors. Let’s face it, outdoor space or land of any kind means options. We are not just talking burger bash or full-blown clam bake either – We mean lifestyle options like room to expand or the many different ways to put your outdoor space to good use. So, with beautiful sunny weather fresh on our minds, let’s talk about some of the benefits of having a backyard.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way: Having a backyard makes your home the perfect gathering space. Even with minimal landscaping and maintenance, a simple green lawn makes the perfect canvas for parties and celebrations of all kinds. Birthday parties, graduations, and some holiday events just require a nice open space to mingle, which means that your home will be ground zero for all of the fun.

Often times kids are the main draw for owning a backyard. Same as before, a simple lawn is all a child needs to get outside and run around. The open space will provide endless possibilities for creative play and sports, keeping them occupied for hours on end. What’s even better is that the instant access to an outdoor space will increase the likelihood of physical activity, an issue that is at the top of the list for concerned parents.

In addition, backyards can accommodate a wide range of entertaining accessories. Treehouses, swing sets, trampolines, and other playground equipment can provide economical and healthy entertainment for a growing family, especially when public parks are unavailable.

Remember, depending on the size of the yard and your budget, upgrades can be fun for more than just the kids. Things like horseshoe pits and volleyball nets can be installed relatively cheap, while tennis and basketball courts make amazing upgrades for larger properties with a slightly higher budget.

Now the big upgrade that every family in America dreams of: A swimming pool. It goes without saying that if you don’t have a yard, you have to use the public pool. If a pool is even a distant goal it is important to give yourself the option by getting a home with a backyard. A pool is a fantastic upgrade that can always be added later in life; for instance, after your career takes off or when the kids are old enough to be pool safe. Whatever the benchmark is, you can’t achieve your dream of owning a pool if you don’t have a yard.

The pool is a backyard upgrade that goes beyond having a family and kids. Pools make great additions at any stage in your life. After the kids have moved away, the pool becomes a relaxing space to lounge around in the sun with a good book. Since pools typically have a spa as well, you can enjoy an intimate and relaxing late-night dip with your significant other any time of year, free from the prying eyes of kids and neighbors.

Moving on to the benefits of owning a yard without kids – a backyard is the perfect space to foster some healthy hobbies. Many people find doing their own landscaping to be a great way to stay busy and get some light exercise. Retirees and weekend warriors alike enjoy working on little projects around the yard, constantly upgrading and changing the walkways and planters. It can literally provide endless entertainment, especially with the easy access to home improvement warehouses, nurseries, and of course, inspiration from the internet.

Gardening can also be a year-round hobby. Slightly different than landscaping, backyards give people the ability to grow their own produce and even install greenhouses for year-round cultivation. Gardening is another activity that is great for the whole family and is even typically mentioned as one of the activities common amongst people over 100 years old.

If you feel like you are missing out on some of the fun in life and need a backyard to improve your lifestyle, or if you are wanting a pool but don’t want to deal with the hassle of installation, then it may be time to sell. Selling your home to an all-cash buyer and purchasing a home that has the backyard of your dreams can be a simple process – contact us today to learn more about your options! We are Gulf State Homebuyers. Located in Baytown, we buy homes at competitive prices and provide families such as yours a quick solution to your next move.

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