Spring cleaning is done and summer is upon us, but does your home still feel like a dark cellar? Depending on the age of the home, the amount of natural light available can be very limited. So, maybe it’s time to make some changes that can really let the sun shine in and transform your home into a bright, happy, and light filled space. We have compiled 5 popular tips to help you get the most out of the summer sun or simply lighten the mood any time of year.

  1. Paint

The first thing to consider when brightening up your home is to choose a color. Whether it’s a living room full of bay windows or a basement with none, giving the walls a fresh coat of a light, neutral color paint is the obvious starting point. A good pro tip is to select a matte finish to help reflect the light evenly in all directions, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This tip works for the ceiling as well – painting the ceiling a lighter shade will brighten the space and open up the room even more. If your home happens to have wooden beams across the ceiling, a coat of white paint makes them all but disappear. You are not limited to the walls and ceilings, built-ins like cabinets and bookshelves can also benefit from a coat of light and bright paint. Don’t completely get rid of color, just try to avoid using color as a background. Use bright and vibrant colors in accents and artwork throughout the room to make the space really pop.

  1. Declutter

The cheapest and quickest option for lightening up any space in your home is to reduce the clutter. Every object in a room absorbs the available amount of light in the space, making it feel darker. Start by clearing out and removing some accessories and little keepsakes to give the area a crisper and cleaner look. Use handcrafted baskets and boxes to store small objects and improve organization. Reduce the amount of wall art and place a few larger pieces strategically rather than a lot of little frames. Designers even like to lighten up bookshelves by turning the spines of the books away, leaving their light-colored paper pages visible. If some remodeling is in your budget, installing a uniform cabinet system can work wonders for giving your home clean lines and a more open feel.

  1. Flooring

Flooring is just as important as paint when it comes to lightening up a space. If you are looking to remodel or if it is time to replace your current floors, the carpet, tile, and wood floor options are endless. It goes without saying that picking a light color is essential for bringing more light into your space – just be sure to work with a design expert before making such a drastic change. Unlike with walls and ceilings, switching from a dark colored floor to light without considering the rest of the room could leave you with some unflattering or even awkward mashups. So, you may need to go back and tackle the paint before you get stuck with a space that doesn’t quite look right.

  1. Windows

Windows are the obvious choice for bringing more light into the home. Larger or reconfigured windows will have an immediate impact on lighting and the energy efficiency of your home. Installing large dramatic windows can truly give you the feeling of being in a new home. If a remodel is not in the budget, then replacing shutters and window treatments with more light and open styles is the next best thing. Maximize the amount of light from your existing windows by using white or tan on the curtains or simply skip them altogether.

  1. Skylights

People often put all the attention on the windows; however, you may also want to consider adding skylights to capture all the precious, direct sunlight you can. Not only does a skylight help you bring more natural light into a space, it will also dramatically cut energy costs by reducing your need for artificial lighting. Skylights have come a long way as far as efficiency and they come with many different options.

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