New Thanksgiving Traditions!

Thanksgiving..… It is interpreted in so many ways by so all kinds of families. Of course, there are the main traditions that most of us do EVERY year, but there are other traditions that are implemented into families as well.

Most see it as a feast fest with all the Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a bunch of other foods anyone could ask for. Not only the food, but a time for family gathering, relatives come into town that you have not seen since last Thanksgiving. This is also time to give thanks for everything in life. With all that said, some of the biggest traditions for Thanksgiving have been watching the Macy’s Parade, of course FOOTBALL games, and let’s not forget BLACK FRIDAY shopping!

You might be looking for something different this year, starting a new tradition with your family and kids. So, what are some unique traditions that these other families have implemented?

– A Giving Tree: a small tree with paper leaves that you can hang on the branches with things everyone is thankful for.

– A tablecloth that everyone writes what they are thankful on and it is used every Thanksgiving for years to come.

– Nerf Gun wars… if your big enough to hold one, you are in the game. (This one sounds like so much fun, especially when you have a big family!)

– Older generation recipes used for the foods.

– Different types of foods each year. (ex: tamales, steaks, ham, etc.)

– After eating all that food and your stomach is so full you feel like you can’t move a muscle, take post meal walks as a family.

– The WISHBONE….. who can resist the wishbone!! Do you ever get the bigger piece?

– After you stuffed your face with all that food, someone pulls out that Pumpkin Pie!

– Many families pray over their food before eating.

– Make a kids table, put coloring and crafts out for them. (I always end up at this table after eating, never too old for coloring.)

– Some people don’t have family to visit, or would just rather do a good deed so they volunteer to serve the needy and homeless their Thanksgiving feast.

Whatever your traditions, value them as they are a part of who you are. We would love to hear the different traditions you have with your family as well. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and stay safe on your travels.