Technology Change in Real Estate

Have you ever noticed how the Technology of selling a home has changed in Real Estate? Back in the day, there were only a few ways to get your property noticed to the public when you were trying to sell it. Remember the Green Sheet? Remember the little booklets you would pick up in a grocery store with all the homes for sale? Those are just a few ways you had to use to get your home noticed. Of course, putting a sign in the front yard, then people would drive by and call you. All you had to do was write a little description of your homes features and a picture of the front of your home.


Let’s move forward a few years now. How has the technology changed from then? This is where you would get online and post some pictures of the outside and inside of the home and write a little more detailed description of your homes features. They were simple pictures that you could take yourself or a realtor could take, just showing the great features, your home has to offer.


Now let’s move forward to the present. What is it like getting your home noticed now? Technology has advanced for real estate just as much as it has with everything else in the world. Its crazy to think of all the options you have, but even more crazy to think of which options get your home noticed. We have evolved to using aerial views and videos in Real Estate. What do you use to get these kind of images and videos? Drones and 360 cameras!! Not only is it Drones and 360 cameras, but in the highest of quality, 4K!! Regular pictures are a thing of the past now. It has come to a point of who can come up with the most unique idea of getting there home noticed.


It will be very interesting to see how this technology keeps evolving throughout the years in Real Estate. Do you have other ideas that would be awesome to use?? Comment and let us know.