curb appeal

Small Budget Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just spruce it up a little, curb appeal is the best way to do that. Here are some things to think about changing for that exterior pop on your house.


  • Paint front door, trim, or shutters:

Pick a color that matches the rest of the house, but also makes your house stick out from the rest.


  • Upgrade your mailbox:

Doesn’t matter if it is by the street or attached to your house, an upgrade gives your house a better curb appeal. Just make sure you comply with the city regulations if you are upgrading a mailbox that is by the street. Here is a DIY Mailbox video.


  • New House Numbers:

If your house doesn’t have any numbers on it, then you can purchase some. If it does, you can paint them or buy new ones. One idea is to have them match the light fixture color on the exterior of your house. Just make them to where they stand out and can be seen from the street.


  • Put a little nature in your yard:

You can plant a tree, and/or plants to give your home a nice curb appeal and some color. If you plant a tree, just make sure you plant it far enough away from the entry way so when it grows, it does not affect your home. Here are a few tips for planting.


  • Replace or add exterior lighting:

Think about what kind of lights would work best for you house to light up your entry way, consider safety as well. If you have lights that you are replacing, try to buy ones that have the same kind of mount. That will make it easier to install.


  • Put some color in it:

If you don’t have much color in front of your home, flowers are always a great idea. A fun way to landscape flowers are having a flower box on your window seal.