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Sell My Property for Cash


We all understand the frustrations with selling real estate and most of all understand how time is money.  The most traditional way that property owners have been accustomed to selling real estate is through listing it with a realtor.  This is where a home owner would find a licensed realtor to put their home on the market, or the MLS, which would allow other realtors and buyers to see its availability.  During this process as a seller, your property would be displayed or shown to several buyers and you as the seller would be responsible to pay the realtors a commission for listing and selling your home.  This, in several instances can become very time consuming and costly due to the length of time it takes to sell this way.  You have to also keep in mind that you will have to make all necessary repairs to your property to make sure you pass the inspections process of your prospective buyer.

Why sell for cash now?


Over the years this has been a very convenient way of selling real estate that a lot of people, depending on the situation, choose to sell their property.  This way of selling property is for cash through an investor.  There are several advantages to selling your property for cash to an investor:


  • No closing cost
  • Sell your property as-is
  • Closing with 7–10 days
  • No commissions
  • No waiting on approvals for financing


These are all reasons or advantages to selling your property for cash to an investor.  There are several situations that these quick and easy solutions may solve such as:


  • Back taxes
  • Foreclosure
  • Equity Cash Out
  • Job Transfer
  • Inherited Property
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Tired Landlord
  • Divorce


These are most of the situations that we find people in when they want to sell their property for cash.  One of the convenient things about selling your home for cash is that at Gulf State Homebuyers, our evaluation and no obligation cash offer is completely FREE.  Yes completely FREE!  It doesn’t cost you a dime for one of our acquisitions associates to come out to your property to make you an offer.  So give us a call for your FREE evaluation or submit our seller form above to have someone call you to setup an appointment to see your home today.  Why list your home when you can sell it today?