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Sell My Apartment/Condo Fast


Do you have an apartment or condo that you would like to sell?  The good news is that we don’t just buy houses in Houston and surrounding areas, we also buy a lot of apartments and condos as well.  Most apartment or condo owners decide to sell their property for these reasons:


  • Maintenance Fees – most condos or apartments have high maintenance fees that cover various expenses accrued by the property management staff to maintain the premises. This sometimes may include insurance, water or even utilities depending on the complex.  The problem with most fees are when a complex gets hit really hard with non paying members, the money has to come from somewhere so the property management company has to raise the maintenance fees to make up for the delinquencies.


  • Privacy – most apartments or condos don’t offer a lot of privacy because you live either above or below someone and even right next door to an adjacent property. So if you’re looking for privacy this type of property is not for you.


  • Hard to sell – let’s be honest most apartments or condos are a very hard sell. Almost all of them are the same floor plan or they look similar to the next door unit so there is no uniqueness to yours to make it stand out.  Most importantly, if there are a lot of vacancies in the complex those units are going to sell first over yours in most cases and are very bad for resale value.


  • Freedom – you’re very limited to what you are allowed to do when you live in an apartment or condo. You simply have to live by the management staff’s rules so your freedom to do as you please is very limited.  As an investor some complexes will not even allow you to rent to a tenant because they only allow owner occupant owners, so make sure you check this out before purchasing.


These are the most common reasons we get apartment or condo sellers calling us to sell their properties fast.  The good news is if you have an apartment or condo you would like to sell fast we still want to buy it!  We are one of the most active apartment or condo buyers in the Houston area and would love to hear about yours today.  We can come view your condo or apartment today and give you an option to sell yours fast after our FREE evaluation.  So don’t wait, give us a call right now or submit our online seller form to have one or our acquisitions associates schedule a time to take a look today.