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Sell My Investment Property


Are you looking to cash out on an investment property that you have owned for several years?  We have a lot of investors that contact us on a regular basis that are either getting ready to retire or just want to cash out of their real estate to put it somewhere else.   There are various reasons someone might want to unload an investment property and we offer the perfect solution to do so.  We purchase occupied and non-occupied investment properties from investors on a regular basis.  Once most people get to an age of retirement the management of these investments becomes very tiresome and quiet frankly an inconvenience.  This will ultimately lead to money loss for the investor so it is better to cash out at this point in time and put the money into something else that is more hands off.  Our quick close process has been ideal for years for investors looking to liquidate an investment because we are very swift and fast to the closing table.  We are able to close within 7 days and handle all closing documents with our title company so it is a very stress free way of selling real estate.


We understand as an investor that time is money and that’s why we take the organization of the title documents and closing scheduling off your plate!  So if you have a rental portfolio of either single-family or multi-family units you want to liquidate, we would love to hear from you.  Give us a call today or submit a form to have one of our acquisitions associates call you immediately.