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real estate scams

Don’t Fall Victim to Popular Real Estate Scams

Real Estate Scams

Unfortunately the society we live in is full of traps and real estate scams that have been designed to take advantage of hard working Americans. The American dream of owning your own home has fallen victim to scams too numerous to list. People who may be a little behind on their mortgage payments become easy victims to these intelligent and devious scam artists. If you are thinking about selling your house for cash, here are some things to keep your eyes out for.


Upfront Processing Fees


This is often the easiest way to spot these types of scams and it could start with something as simple as a phone call to your home. These scam artists are smart and crafty. They will promise you the world and make you an offer that you just can’t refuse. It will sound too good to be true.


Once these scam artists know you are eager, they set the hook and tell you about a small processing fee that must be paid in advance. They may even become so bold and tell you the payment must be made in cash.


Whoa! This should raise two red flags immediately. You should never have to pay someone to buy your house for cash. Up front payments of any type are not how this business is supposed to work. You are the one who is supposed to be getting paid cash for your house.


Proper Contact Information


As the homeowner, don’t expect anything to just fall in your lap. If you want to sell your house fast for cash while avoiding the scams that are flooding the market, then you are going to need to do a little bit of work.


Before you agree to anything, make sure the company you are dealing with provides adequate and accurate contact information. The best way to do this is to ask for it and then test it out for yourself.


Call the phone number given to you. Look up their address on the Internet. Put on your detective hat and do a little bit of research. Double and triple check all of the information given to you.


In today’s high tech world it is not hard to determine which operations are scams and which ones will really pay you cash for your house!


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