Real estate predictions are in 2015
real estate predictions

Real Estate Predictions

Real Estate Predictions

Real estate predictions for this year look promising. Yes we have all survived yet another year. The real estate market certainly proved that you never really know what the future may bring. The market saw some interesting changes and home sales all over the United States varied greatly. What will 2015 bring to the real estate market? Here are a few predictions for what the real estate market may hold for us in 2015.


Mortgage Rates Will Rise


In 2014 mortgage rates managed to stay pretty steady. They hovered right around the 4% mark on average. Analysts are predicting this steady pattern to change with mortgage rates rising as high as 5% across the country. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to score a good low rate, but the average rate is expected to rise in 2015.


House Prices


The value of homes stayed somewhat steady across the nation in 2014. There were some areas that saw fluctuations and there were some areas that refused to follow trends. The big state of Texas was one of the states that refused to follow trends.


House prices and values will increase in 2015 with real estate predictions. It has already started and this is excellent news for anyone who wants to start investing in the real estate market. There is still plenty of time to buy low and then sell your house for cash, but don’t wait. Start buying while the prices are still low.


Technology Will Sell More Homes


There is no doubting technology that technology has changed the way we interact with the world. It is also going to help sell more houses in 2015. A New technology that appears to be right out of a science fiction movie is going to help.


This new technology beams information about potential properties right to a person’s smartphone when they drive by the property. They get all the relevant information they need to help them make a purchase. Information like total living space, rooms and other important amenities are beamed right to a person’s phone.
What else will 2015 bring to the real estate market? Only time will tell!

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