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Property tax advice

Help With Property Taxes?

Need some property tax advice?

We receive our property taxes annually. For most people the new appraised value of your home can come as quite a shock. With the housing market continuing to improve many people have had their value increase and as a result have had their property taxes increase astronomically. If you feel that your home is valued incorrectly you can dispute the appraised value of your home. Here are some helpful tips on how to dispute your appraised value and some great property tax advice.


  • Find out how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood. If you know a realtor they can check home sales in your neighborhood. Usually it is best to go back at least a year to have enough home sales to prove your value.
  • While reviewing the recent home sales, be on the lookout for foreclosures and short sales. These lower home values for the entire neighborhood, and need to be taken into account.
  • Check your property detail on the County Appraisal District site to ensure that they have accurate data. Incorrect square footage or number of rooms can cause your appraised value to increase.


An increase in property taxes can break some people’s budgets. If not paid in a timely manner it can result in liens on the property. It is a situation that Gulf State Homebuyers has seen many times. If you believe your appraised value is too high then make sure you dispute to save on your property taxes.


For more information on dispute procedures please visit your County Appraisal District.


Harris County Appraisal District


Chambers County Appraisal District