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Theme Park

P.A. Theme Park on Mountain!

Today, we are traveling to Pennsylvania to visit a fun filled family vacation place! I want to share with you, the Camelback Mountain Adventures theme park!!


This theme park features thrill rides, including zip lining, a treetop course, Segways, and a pipeline mountain slide. The most exciting thrill at this park is the Mountain Coaster.


This coaster starts at the top of the mountain, which is 4,500 feet high, and goes zooms down the mountain doing twists and turns. Children 3 and older, and at least 3 feet tall, are permitted on the Appalachian Express Mountain Coaster. If you are in the driver seat, you must be 9 years old, and at least 4 feet and 4 inches tall. Don’t let this make you think it is a children’s ride, this coaster is fun for all ages.


Being that it is a mountain side coaster, you would expect the tickets to be expensive. Right?


Well…. Think again!!!


The tickets for this coaster are only $12 each. Just know that they stop selling tickets about 30 minutes before the closing time of the coaster. Just like a roller coaster at a big theme park, this coaster also has a turn where it snaps your picture as you zoom by. You can also purchase a picture, at the end of the ride.


When is this awesome place open?


The Appalachian Express Mountain Coaster is open from for about half of the year, April through late November. Just make sure you call ahead of time, as there are some closures during this time frame. You can find times and dates of this coaster being open at the Camelback Mountain Adventures website.


Don’t forget about the other exciting thrills that this park has to offer, The treetop course, zip-line, pipeline mountain slide, and Segways.