Opening Day

Astros Opening Day

Opening Day

I know we are ready here at Gulf State for opening day for the Major Leagues. We also know that many of you will be ready to see the Astros hit the field along with all of the youngsters out there that are experiencing their first time playing. As one of the sports here at Gulf State Homebuyers that we grew up with, this time of year had that certain smell to the air or the feel of the grass. Brings it all back in a moment to when we were hitting the field.

This year after a great 2015 season with the Astros is looking promising as ever for the city of Houston to have a great team that we can really rally behind and enjoy a fantastic season that hopefully beats out the previous. Two of our young guys are going to be back in action with Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers. Correa boasting with coming in batting three hole as a rookie for their team in the playoffs, placing him in a category of only one of three others to do so in Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. McCullers striking out 129 batters in the 2015 is no under sight either.

Our pitching staff won’t be any sort of breeze by when it comes to the batters. Returning Cy Young winner Dallas Keuckel will be here in all of his bearded glory. His 15-0 record at Minute Maid and a 1.46 ERA made his statement in the Astros bullpen sound loudly.

The Astros are already ahead of schedule, the team was just supposed to get a bit of a taste of winning in this past year. Instead, the team made the playoffs and won in a wild card game. A race for the division crown is not out of the question with the guys we have putting thunder to training and pressing hard to take Houston all the way back.

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