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Open House

Thinking About Having An Open House? Wait Until You Read This!

Open House

There are plenty of great ways to sell a home when the market is slow. Real estate agents are constantly trying to re-invent ways to get people through the front door and interested in a potential piece of property. One of the more popular home selling methods is the infamous open house.


We have all seen these. They are almost like a real estate party. Agents will have food and drinks available and they will inform every single person in their network. Does the open house actually produce results? Of course it does, but there has been a recent open house trend that is a little unsettling.


The Open Invitation


An event as this is an open invitation for any person to walk right into your home. Think about that for a minute. Why in the world would you want to invite a bunch of strangers into your home without performing any type of background check on them? With an open house, you never know who is going to be walking through your door.


Until recently, open houses attracted nothing more than people who were interested in purchasing a home. That has changed. Thieves are now actively targeting open houses. An open house gives them the perfect opportunity to case a house. Thieves are smart. They might pocket something small on their initial visit, but what they really want are the larger items. Your open house could be giving them all the information they need to come back and steal everything you own when you are gone!


Thieves are not just stealing personal belongings either. Some of them are after prescription drugs. If may seem like an odd thing to steal but some prescription drugs have a very high dollar street value. In fact, prescription drugs make for the easiest heist. All a thief needs to do is stuff a few prescription pill bottles into their pockets and walk out the door.


Is the Open House A Bad Idea?


You may want to think twice about having an open house after reading this. You could skip the entire realtor situation and sell your house for cash. You don’t have to worry about thieves with this proven method. Give us a call today and we would be more than happy to walk you through the process.


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