Note taking technology

So, I came across a very neat technology invention today online…


Before I tell you what this invention is, I want you to try something for me. Close your eyes and think back to when you were in high school or college, you had a big test coming up. When you get home from school, you grab a snack and head to your room for some peace and quiet to get in some studying. What I want you to imagine is how you went about studying. Did you get paper and write everything down? Did you just read? Did you make flash cards? Take notes on your computer? There were many ways to retain the information you were trying to learn, but all the ways took “time”! Studying seemed like it took all night, all weekend, maybe even all week.


What if I told you that in today’s world, there is a device that can write all the information down for you?? Any information you find important enough to remember, this device can do it all for you. All you do is us it like a highlighter, it will scan the information you want it to write down for you.


All you need to accomplish this is the device and the app that goes along with it. Once you scan something, it will copy every word scanned onto the app. This device can type 30 times faster than we can.


Not only does this device scan word for word, but it can also do many other things. You don’t like reading? Well, this thing can read aloud to you. Have you ever had something that needed to be translated? This device can instantly translate into over 40 different languages. It connects with your phone, laptop, or computer by Bluetooth. It has a USB port for charging as well, so no batteries.


What is this magic device I speak of?


It is called Scanmarker!


Just take a guess how much this insanely cool device is….. ONLY $79!!!


Want a demo of how it works? Check out this video!


I really wish this device was around when I went to school, it would have made things a lot easier for me. I am looking into buying one for my son now. He has a short-term memory problem, as well as a reading and comprehension disorder. You can see how hard it would be for a kid to gain confidence in their selves having this issue. With a device like this, it can read to him and he can focus on retaining the information instead of having to focus on pronouncing words while remembering what he just read.


Another really good use for this product could be for work. Someone has a document and you need an address or statement from. Scan that information and now you have it. Or maybe you are out somewhere and see information that you could use, scan it so now you have it. There are so many possibilities to this Scanmarker.


Tell us what your thoughts are about this device and how you would use it….