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Home Sales Climb

Will Home Sales Continue to Climb?

Home Sales Climb

For the past six years home sales climb and have been on the rise. This is good news for anyone who is closely involved in the real estate market. Things were not looking good for quite a while. This steady stream of upwards movement is very encouraging, but analysts are saying the current condition of the housing market is still on shaky ground.
Sales were good for the month of September. There was a 0.2% rise in single family residential sales, but August sales have been revised down from 504,000 homes to just over 460,000 homes. The only area in the United States that has seen a constant growth in sales is the south. Every where else, including Texas sales have fallen slightly. This is partly due to the fact that homes in the western half of the United States are often a little higher.


The recession that happened over seven years ago has taken a toll on the American population. Savings accounts dwindled right alongside the housing market. Average credit scores also took a serious dip as well. These two things have prevented most people from upgrading and a lot of Americans are now renting.


When Will the Market Rebound?


This is the billion dollar question that everyone wants to know the answer to. There are currently things happening in the housing market to make it more appealing to consumers. Federal regulations are lowering the financial pressures that many home buyers are currently facing. Mortgage rates have already fallen lower than 4%. This is the lowest they have been since 2013. Down payment requirements are now becoming more lenient as well. All of these things are helping to fuel the market, but there is still one problem that needs to be resolved. Home Sales climb trends are simple to find.


Most current homeowners are still drowning in debt. Home prices are not high enough to offer any relief in this respect so the market is still unpredictable. Selling your home for cash just might be the only way to go. You get a solid price quote in a very short amount of time. There are no realtors, no open houses and no waiting for your home to sell. Everything is done quickly and easily. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you.


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