Football Coming Quick For Houston. Go Texans!

Football Coming Quick For Houston. Go Texans!

Football Coming Quick For Houston. Go Texans! Here in Houston and especially in the entire state of Texas everyone is looking forward to the season that is just about to be upon us. Texans are gearing up for the new year and all of the changes has all of the fans in stitches just waiting to be able to see what we will be viewing on every Sunday, and what we will be hoping will be an awesome season that will better our previous year getting into the playoffs.


Our offense has been loaded up with a lot of new weapons, and the amount of chemistry with all of the new guys is on everyones mind. Osweiler meeting with the media stated that he will always be looking for improvements in the chemistry of the guys there on offense to keep pushing the fold, and making the necessary adjustments to make the improvements daily. “I don’t think you just hit a certain point and say ‘oh, we got it’,” Osweiler said. Hopkins is extremely excited about his accuracy and precision, that stood out most to him from Osweiler. “He’s gonna let it be known that he wants you here, and this is where the ball is going to be,” Hopkins said. “He almost puts it on the money every time.”


We all have some worries with J.J. Watt looking to miss a few games at the beginning of the season due to a back surgery that came as a surprise for all of us. Even with his absence, the defense is still a top ranking defense and will be looking to stop any gains at all points, either being the run game or the pass. Strong overall and we definitely are not doubting their ability to just flat out do their job.


High hopes throughout the city with our guys going out there and getting at it daily. This season will be great to watch and think that everyone is waiting to see a kickoff so we know how our guys will look out there on every outing.


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