flooding in houston

Flooding In Houston

Flooding In Houston

It happened again flooding in Houston, and looking like reports are coming in saying this is the worst flooding since Tropical Storm Allison. Information that is being gathered by multiple media outlets showing many people are being misplaced from their homes and in search of higher ground. Last year on the Memorial Day weekend Houston metro area saw wide spread flooding that really hit the meyerland area hard. There are plenty of people that had lived in hotels and just finished repairs to their property only to be in the home for a week or two and this happen again.


Judges and the Mayor are releasing addition equipment as in Metro buses, elevated vehicles, and small boats to get people to higher ground or to area set up for those in distress due to the storms. A lot of information is online for you to use at your disposal in what actions you would need to take if you are currently being affected by the storms. The rainfall has stopped but small streams with load into the bigger rivers and bayous and continue to make them swell.


If you decide to drive or need to get somewhere with the flooding in Houston, be weary of small puddles that you think may be nothing. Could be an open manhole or structural problems with the roads due to the water. Never try and push it and think you can get through pooled water covering roadways. Many have found out the hard way that this is something that you should see and turn around or else you could be out of a vehicle and on top of that swimming for safety.


Stay up to date with emergency locations and aid help areas in the Houston area. Stay tuned to local news outlets and other media for help.

Call: 311 for non emergency help

Go to City of Houston Emergency Alerts for info in your area