Easter time is here! Don't you just love this time of year?

Easter time is here!

Don’t you just love Easter?

Can you see the flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the cold fading? Spring is here folks and that means Spring holidays, one being Easter!! With the holiday but only a few days away, how are you preparing?


What are some of the things that pop in your mind when you think about Easter? I started thinking about Easter as a kid and the things that I remember most were of course, Easter egg hunts, The Easter Bunny, Easter service at church, my mom hosting Easter dinner, and our house being filled with Easter decorations.


Since I began reminiscing, I thought it would be beneficial for all of us if we took the time to dissect what really goes into preparing a fantastic party! I have compiled a list of items that I feel will make this holiday for you and your family, the best one yet!


Who’s coming?


It’s important that you have a head count of all your guests as soon as possible. This sometimes is difficult; however, it is easier to plan when you know how many people to expect.


Let’s get decorating!


It’s always a safe bet to go with the pastels. Nothing says Easter like the pale pinks and bright yellows. You can hang honeycomb balls, balloons, and rosettes on walls and on furniture.   Don’t forget to decorate your table as well. It is always very inviting to pick a theme and coordinate your cups, plates and napkins. Give yourself a break too, go for the paper tableware – makes for an easy clean up and peace of mind for the big day!


What to do with the little ones.


Have small children? Not to worry, we have you covered there as well. Something that is always fun for the kids is dress up! You can keep it simple with some rabbit masks, rabbit noses or rabbit ears. Don’t forget your camera!


Time for the Main Event!


It’s very important that you stock up on good holiday candy prior to the party. You can even get little presents too – get creative! Give yourself a break and use an Easter egg hunt tool kit. This helps you remember where you hid your eggs, we all know we have lost some in prior years, only to be founds days later by following the stench!




Be sure and take time to enjoy and celebrate in the fun! You worked hard to make this party successful; take time to bask in that!


Parties are a perfect time to get together with family and friends and to relax. One way to make sure you get some good relaxation is to plan ahead! These tips are just a few of the main ones and will hopefully come in handy for you this holiday!

Go take a look at Hobby Lobby to get some great ideas for the holiday!