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Chip and Joanna Gains

Ever watched “The ‘Fixer Upper” on the HGTV channel? If so, you probably know the names Chip and Joanna Gains. This week, I want to feature this amazing and talented couple, in Waco, TX.

Joanna has a retail shop that she started in 2003. After having baby #2, her and Chip decided to shut it down to focus on their family and renovation business. May 2014 is when the couple decided to reopen the shop.

“The ‘Fixer Upper” show, was in full swing at this time, which spiked popularity of the couple’s shop. This forced them to find and relocate to a larger space.

As of March 22, the new shop opens in the larger space. It will include a warehouse of damaged and last chance items, a garden store, as well as a bakery.  This whole space is known as the Magnolia Market at the Silos, generating around 1.6 million visitors in 2017.