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Don’t Fall Victim to Popular Real Estate Scams

Real Estate Scams Unfortunately the society we live in is full of traps and real estate scams that have been designed to take advantage of hard working Americans. The American dream of owning your own home has fallen victim to scams too numerous to list. People who may be a little behind on their mortgage payments become easy victims to these intelligent and devious scam artists. If you are thinking about selling your house for cash, here are some things to keep your eyes out for.   Upfront Processing Fees   This is often the easiest way to spot these types of scams and it could start with something as simple as a phone call to your home. These scam artists are smart and crafty. They will promise you the world and make you an offer that you just can’t refuse. It will sound too good to be true.   Once these scam artists know you are...

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